Scubapro MK25 A700. Comprehensive Review

Scuba Gear Review: Scubapro MK25 A700.

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Scuba regulators are vitally important for divers. They connect you to the gas tank you carry with you on the dive and help you breathe safely and with ease while you’re underwater. The Scubapro MK25 A700 is one of the best regulators on the market today. There are a wide variety of scuba regulators to choose from, but not all are created equal. There are many styles and features to choose from and it can be difficult to pick the best one.

What to Look For

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Some regulators are made from brass and are chrome plated while others are made from titanium. Some have first stage swivel designs while others do not. All come with their own unique designs for delivering air at various depths and for keeping out corrosive water from internal parts. Some have insulated internal parts while others do not. All the best regulators are also cold water rated and protect themselves from freezing. The price ranges from almost $700 – $1700. Some regulators are designed with beginners in mind while others are designed for the pros.

What We Did

Fortunately, we have reviewed several of the best regulators and have the best listed below along with their specs and features. We have several categories rated with conclusions of what we think is the best one at the end. Of course, personal preference comes into play as well, so no matter which one of these you choose, know you’re getting a high quality regulator that will work well as you dive.After giving you all the key features and pros and cons of each regulator, we’ll tell you based on what we know and what customers have said about the performance each of regulator which one stands out as the best purchase.

What Is the Scubapro MK25 A700?

The Scubapro MK25 A700 is a pricey regulator but it is one of the best you can buy. Regulators have to work harder to deliver air from your tank as you dive deeper underwater with atmospheric pressure changing the deeper you go. Because of this, most people report with most regulators that the air feels “thicker” as you breathe farther below. With the Scubapro MK25 A700, it has been reported that not only does this regulator deliver thinner air than other regulators, but that it does so effortlessly. The air delivery has no drag no matter what your depth, even with repetitive breath.

The Scubapro MK25 A700 regulator has been put to the test under load and has proven superb performance. This regulator even did well upside down while not allowing in any water whereas other regulators failed this test. The Scubapro MK25 A700 has been reviewed by divers as being the best on the market. This regulator is well worth the price you’d pay in comparison to others.

Scubapro MK25 A700 Regulator

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Many divers used to diving with other quality reguators have converted to using the Scubapro MK25 A700 as their primary regulator after they’ve tried it. The number one praise of this regulator is that it consistently delivers ease of breathing no matter how deep the diver goes. Some people report going as far as 95 feet and report no loss of air delivery quality of this regulator. They are highly impressed with its performance at all depths. This regulator is designed for both recreational and professional use. Customers also report the mouthpiece is super comfortable to use.

Product Specs

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The Scubapro MK25 A700 has 2HP|5LP ports, an air-balanced flow through piston, adjustable inhalation, adjustable venture, and is cold water rated. It also has anti-freeze protection. The mechanical internal parts are insulated for 30% better performance in cold water. The construction of this regulator is chrome plated brass. The mouth piece is has a comfortable orthodontic design as well. It also comes with a one-year warranty, but the warranty excludes commercial use.


The price of the Scubapro MK25 A700 is near $1000, but for the performance it gives compared to other regulators, it is well worth it.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products to the Scubapro MK25 A700 that are available on the market to see how they compare.

  • Atomic Aquatics T3 Titanium Swivel Sealed Regulator
  • Aqua Lung Legend LX Regulator
  • Sherwood SR2 SRB2000 Scuba Diving Dive Regulator

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Ease of Use

Multiple features make this regulator easy to use, including its comfortable orthodontic designed mouthpiece.


The metal build of this regulator ensures it will last and be durable under stressful conditions.

Design Quality

The superior design of the Scubapro MK25 A700 directly results in its amazing performance. Everything from its piston design to the internal mechanical parts insulation lends to its fantastic design quality.


This regulator has a 1 year warranty that excludes commercial use. The Scubapro MK25 A700 regulator has a 1 year warranty, but commercial use is excluded from the warranty.


  • Delivers unmatched performance in all water depths
  • The air-balanced flow through piston ensures safe and comfortable breathing
  • The Scubapro MK25 A700 is equipped with anti-freezing protection
  • Mechanical internal parts are insulated for 30% better cold water performance
  • Comfortable orthodontic mouth piece
  • Customers have converted to using the Scubapro MK25 A700 as their primary regulator
  • It is designed for both recreational and professional use


  • The Scubapro MK25 A700 is on the expensive end for a regulator
  • The warranty is only 1 year and it excludes commercial use

[amazon link=”B00EATH6AE” title=”Atomic Aquatics T3 Titanium Swivel Sealed Regulator” /]

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The Atomic Aquatics T3 regulator is nearly twice the price of the Scubapro MK25 A700. It also has 2HP|5LP ports, a balanced piston, and is constructed from titanium. It swivels at both the first and second stage connections. It boasts being corrosion free and carries a lifetime warranty. It comes with a free regulator bag as well. The venture adjustments are automatic, and it has adjustable inhalation. The Atomic Aquatics T3 is cold water rated. It is also lauded as one of the best regulators on the market.

Ease of Use

This is easy to use and simple to put on. The swivels and venture adjustments are intuitive and helpful.


Titanium construction ensures the durability of this product and explains why the company has a lifetime warranty on this regulator.

Design Quality

Titanium design makes it durable and the swivel at both first stage and second stage makes it versatile.


The company stands behind the Atomic Aquatics T3 regulator with a lifetime warranty.


  • Titanium construction ensures durability and won’t corrode
  • This regulator is cold water rated
  • It swivels at both the first and second stages
  • Comes with a free regulator bag
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Users rate a superior performance of this regulator


  • The Atomic Aquatics T3 regulator is very expensive

Aqua Lung Legend LX Regulator

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The Aqua Lung Legend LX is a less expensive regulator option but still has good customer satisfaction in its reviews and operates well. It is made with chrome plated brass construction. The first stage has an over-balance diaphragm that adjusts its performance at depth. Its performance is competitive with higher priced regulators. It has 2HP|4LP ports, adjustable inhalation, adjustable venture and is cold water rated.Unique to this regulator is its Auto Closure Device, or ACD which automatically closes when the regulator is removed from the cylinder valve, preventing corrosive water from entering the first stage inlet. This regulator has a limited lifetime warranty only if purchased from and serviced every year at an authorized Aqua Lung America dealer.

Ease of Use

This is simple and easy to use. The regulator does the work.


This regulator is made from durable chrome plated brass construction.

Design Quality

The ACD (Auto Closure Device) protects the first stage from water corrosion which is a great design feature.


The Aqua Lung Legend LX has a limited lifetime warranty. However, it only applies if you purchase the regulator from an authorized Aqua Lung America dealer and the regulator must be serviced once a year at an authorized Aqua Lung America dealer. Otherwise, the warranty is not in effect.


  • The Auto Closure Device protects the first stage from water corrosion
  • Performance rivals more expensive regulators
  • Rated for cold water
  • First stage equipped with an over-balance diaphragm


  • Warranty only valid when purchased and serviced annually at an authorized Aqua Lung America dealer
  • This regulator has fewer ports than other regulators

[amazon link=”B00Q439TWM” title=”Sherwood SR2 SRB2000 Scuba Diving Dive Regulator” /]

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The Sherwood SR2 SRB2000 is a less expensive regulator. It has a pneumatically balanced second stage and a two-piece first stage balanced piston design. It is also designed with 360 degree swivel and has 2HP|5LP ports. It also has the adjustable inhalation, adjustable venturi, and is cold water rated. It uses innovative technology with its compact design that makes it great for beginner divers. It also features one touch performance adjustments and a smart demand lever. It also carries a limited 2 year warranty.

Ease of Use

As easy to use as any of the ones on our list. The swivel and adjustable inhalation and venturi are great.


Many users have to replace the standard mouthpiece with a generic one as the Sherwood SR2 is too small for some people.

Design Quality

The company has definitely worked on innovation and design to make the Sherwood SR2 a better regulator than their previous SR1. However, a drawback in design is the heaviness of the second stage.


The Sherwood SR2 SRB2000 only has a limited 2 year warranty.


  • Has a compact design
  • Pneumatically balanced second stage
  • Has a 2 piece first stage balanced piston
  • 360 degree swivel design
  • Great for beginner divers
  • One touch performance adjustments


  • There are complaints that the mouthpiece is too small and uncomfortable
  • The second stage is heavy
  • This regulator only has a 2 year limited warranty


While the lifetime warranty, titanium construction, and swivel design of the Atomic Aquatics T3 regulator are attractive features, it comes with a high price tag. For this reason, our best pick is the Scubapro MK25 A700. We give it an overall rating of 4.5 only because it is severely lacking in the warranty it has to offer.Though the Scubapro MK25 A700 goes with the common chrome plated brass construction, the features and design of this regulator puts it in peak performance for regulators. It may be pricey for its brass construction, but the performance more than makes up for it. In performance comparison to the far more expensive Atomic Aquatics T3, there is little reason to drop more than twice the money.The biggest drawback to the Scubapro is in fact, the warranty. Since this regulator has gone through rigorous testing by some pro divers who are impressed with its superior performance, it would stand to reason that the manufacturer would stand behind its quality with a better warranty. We hope that it does someday as the performance and the price begs for a little extra to put customers’ minds at ease with their choice.We believe the pros for the Scubapro MK25 A700 outweighs the lack of warranty. People have used other quality regulators and after using the Scubapro, have completely switched which regulator they use for their primary when diving. It is just that great at delivering air when scuba diving.

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