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Whether you’re planning a tropical vacation or taking an underwater photography course, one thing is certain — you will need a snorkeling mask!  Snorkeling masks come in a variety of styles, often featuring such things as camera mounts and built-in snorkels. Some snorkeling masks even allow you to breathe through your nose just like you do on land.  With so many options to choose from, narrowing your selection down to just one product can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we’re here — to take the guesswork out of your snorkeling mask purchase by reviewing some of the best ones on the market today.

Comparison Table

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FAQs about Snorkeling Masks

1. What Is a Snorkeling Mask?

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Image source: Pixabay

A snorkeling mask is a device made of a clear material and it is worn over the eyes and nose entirely. Typically, a snorkeling mask is worn with a snorkel, but it may be worn without a snorkel, as well.

2. What Does a Snorkeling Mask Do?

A snorkeling mask protects the wearer from getting water in his/her eyes and nose, all the while enabling him/her to see better under the water’s surface. If worn with a snorkel, the mask also allows the wearer to breathe easily while looking at the underwater terrain. And, some designs even allow the user to breathe through their nose, just as they would on land, which provides a level of comfort for some. A mask may also be useful in that it provides a mount for a camera.

3. How Do Snorkeling Masks Work?

Most snorkeling masks have silicone skirts attached to their frames that form seals against their users’ skin on the outer-edges of their faces. These seals prevent water from getting inside the masks. Also, the masks come with adjustable straps that allow users to get the best fit. Many snorkeling masks also use anti-fog technology to help keep the mask from fogging up on the inside and hampering vision.

Additionally, some snorkeling masks have separate breathing chambers that allow their users to breathe through their noses instead of using snorkels. Such specialized snorkeling masks have built-in snorkels that have valves that close when the snorkels are submerged to prevent the user from accidentally swallowing water.

4. Where Can You Buy a Snorkeling Mask?

While you can buy snorkeling masks at some outdoor sports retailers and dive stores, you can also buy them more easily online at In fact, all the products that made our final list of our top 10 recommendations can be bought with just a few clicks of your mouse and delivered straight to your doorstep. For your convenience, we have provided direct product links to Amazon within each review summary below.  

How We Reviewed

blue diving mask

Image source: Pixabay

So we could provide you with a shortlist of top snorkeling masks available on the market today, we did a great deal of research into all brands. We compared them against one another based on their individual features, their benefits, any perceived drawbacks, their availability for purchase, their warranties and other similar considerations. From our findings, we were able to come up with the top 10 products we feel give you the best value for your hard-earned money. And, as a bonus, at the end of this article we’ll reveal to you our absolute favorite!

Overall Price Range of Snorkeling Masks

Pricing varies widely for snorkeling masks, depending on their designs, added features and where you buy them. What we discovered is that the lower-priced masks are usually made of lower-quality materials, they aren’t as durable and they don’t perform as good as higher-priced masks. Although the saying “you get as good as you pay for” isn’t accurate with many products, it seems to hold true with snorkeling masks. 

You’ll be happy to know, all the masks we reviewed cost from around $30 to around $96 — so, we found something suitable for all budgets!

What We Reviewed

  • TUSA M-1001 Freedom HD Scuba Diving Mask
  • Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Free Diving Mask Set
  • Scubapro Spectra Mini Dive Mask
  • WildHorn Outfitters Seaview GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask
  • Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Scuba Mask Snorkel Set
  • Tribord EasyBreath Full-Face Snorkeling Mask
  • ScubaPro Solo Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask
  • PRODIVE Premium Dry-Top Snorkel with Glass Diving Mask
  • Mares I3 Sunrise Scuba Mask
  • Cressi Panoramic Wide-View Mask Snorkel Set

TUSA M-1001 Freedom HD Scuba Diving Mask

[amazon box=”B00GWX6JL8″]


This single-lens mask is Freedom Technology’s latest design, and it provides a panoramic view. It has a 180-degree rotational buckle system that allows the mask to maintain a low profile while still fitting a variety of face sizes. The TUSA has a large frame with minimal internal volume. The strap angle is adjustable to five positions. And, the mask has a rounded-edge skirt.


  • 180-degree rotational buckle systemLow-profile design
  • 5 adjustable strap angles


  • Difficult to clear
  • Puts pressure on the bridge of the nose
  • Some users reported leaks

Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Free Diving Mask Set

[amazon box=”B00LNOCC1W”]


This Cressi mask has a liquid silicone skirt directly attached to a tempered-glass lens. The frameless design offers a panoramic field of vision and it packs flat for great portability. Its ultra-clear lens provides clarity and vivid colors, while its push-button buckle makes it easy to adjust.

The dry-top design snorkel with anti-splash top has a valve that seals the snorkel when submerged. It also has a quick-release snorkel keeper and a purge valve.


  • Frameless design provides a panoramic view    
  • Lens is ultra-clear, for vivid viewing
  • Sports a dry-top snorkel, with a quick-release latch


  • Users reported the snorkel can be uncomfortable
  • Reportedly tends to fog during use
  • Snorkel clip doesn’t rotate

Scubapro Spectra Mini Dive Mask

[amazon box=”B00XHRQHLO”]


This highly comfortable, low-profile mask comes in five stylish colors that emulate the look of fine eyewear, thanks to an innovative metallic paint process. The mask has a dual, feather-edged, silicone skirt and a wide, split strap to create a perfect seal. Maximum underwater vision and light intake can be credited to this mask’s dual-tempered, glass lens design. Ears can be equalized easily, even when wearing thick diving gloves, thanks to the one-hand nose pocket. It also has a swiveled, easy-to-adjust buckle system.

The Scubapro mask’s lenses are made of ultra-clear, optical-quality glass, so you see true colors as opposed to standard glass lenses that filter everything with a green tint due to iron impurities.


  • Optical-quality lenses   
  • Variety of stylish, metallic finishes
  • Dual, feather-edged, silicone skirt creates tight seal


  • Puts pressure on the bridge of the nose
  • Users said it may fog between lens panes

WildHorn Outfitters Seaview GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask

[amazon box=”B01MU3MI81″]


The full-face design of this mask allows the user to breathe normally through the mouth and nose while snorkeling. The separate breathing chamber keeps breath away from the main viewing visor to eliminate fog.

This snorkel is designed for leisurely surface snorkeling. Its large air capacity will make diving difficult while its restricted air intake will not allow enough airflow for rigorous swimming. Additionally, it uses dry snorkel technology to prevent a wearer from swallowing water.

Still, it is a great mask for snorkeling and with its 180-degree viewing area and integrated GoPro mount, you can capture images of the wonders you see to share later with others.


  • Allows a user to breathe naturally through nose 
  • GoPro camera mount integrated into design
  • Separate breathing chamber prevents fog


  • Some said the camera mount was flimsy
  • Lens tends to scratch easily
  • Limited airflow restricts strenuous swimming
  • Designed for surface snorkeling only

Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Scuba Mask Snorkel Set

[amazon box=”B00E2XGISE”]


The side lenses on this mask fit precisely to the front lens for a seamless panoramic view. The Phantom mask is made with tempered, glass lenses encased in a durable, polycarbonate frame. And, its double-sealed skirt is made of crystal-clear silicone. This mask features an easy-to-equalize nose pocket and a low-volume design for a secure fit. Additionally, the snorkel features a purge valve at its bottom to flush out any water easily.


  • Seamless, panoramic view  
  • Double-sealed, clear, 100% silicone skirt
  • Purge valve eases clearing of snorkel
  • Affordable price


  • Puts pressure on the bridge of the nose
  • Some users reported leaks
  • Doesn’t tend to fit small faces

Tribord EasyBreath Full-Face Snorkeling Mask

[amazon box=”B00UBWQA9W”]


This full-face snorkeling mask features a shatterproof, polycarbonate window that yields a 180-degree field of vision. This mask allows the user to breathe naturally through the nose just like he/she would on land. A double airflow system (similar to the technology in domestic extraction fans) prevents fogging.

The Tribord mask has a mechanism that plugs the top of the snorkel and prevents water from entering during full immersion. As such, itisn’t designed for free diving or intensive swimming. Additionally, the snorkel features a top that is colored brightly to enhance your visibility to boaters, others in the party, etc. To ensure a proper fit, this mask comes in three sizes.


  • Allows a user to breathe naturally through nose 
  • Provides 180-degree view
  • Double airflow system prevents fogging


  • Not suitable for diving or strenuous swimming
  • Low airflow
  • Some users said it can be difficult to clean

[amazon box=”B00C6QNGO8″]

[amazon box=”B00AST117Y”]


This modern, low-profile, tempered-glass, single-lens mask provides a panoramic open view and a streamlined design. Its watertight, comfortable seal is created by the crystal-clear, double-sealed, silicone skirt that molds to your face. The ScubaPro mask has a non-slip strap that is adjusted easily because of its buckles with flexible mounts. They help the user find a perfect fit. This mask comes in a variety of stylish colors.


  • Low-volume design    
  • Crystal-clear, double-sealed, silicone skirt
  • Available in a variety of colors to suit personal taste


  • Has issues with fogging
  • Tends to not fit small faces
  • Expensive compared to others (highest on our list)

PRODIVE Premium Dry-Top Snorkel and Glass Diving Mask

[amazon box=”B0130UWUQ8″]


This mask features a tempered-glass lens that will not only withstand pressure during deep-water dives, but also is impact-resistant. It has an anti-fog lens, allowing you to spend hours exploring in the water without issue. And, the included “Breathe-Easy” dry snorkel keeps water out and lets air in when you’re ready to breathe, preventing unwanted gulps of water.

Additionally, the PRODIVE mask has adjustable, silicone straps and a customizable mouthpiece. This kit also includes a waterproof carrying bag for convenience. Of all the masks we’ve reviewed, this is the only one with any type of one. PRODIVE backs this product with a money-back guarantee.


  • Lens can withstand pressure from deep water dives      
  • “Breathe-Easy” dry snorkel prevents accidental swallowing of water
  • Includes convenient waterproof carrying case
  • Affordable price, especially for what you get in return


  • Users said the snorkel unclips too easily
  • It is small for adult use
  • Some reported possible leaks

Mares I3 Sunrise Scuba Mask

[amazon box=”B00C6QNGO8″]


This scuba mask uses Tri-Comfort technology for a comfortable fit. The user will experience a panoramic field of vision with no sense of claustrophobia owing to this mask’s side panels of glass that accommodate peripheral vision. The two button-buckles are ergonomic in design, allowing the user to adjust the strap easily and securely for a better fit — even when they’re trying to do so when wearing thick diving gloves.


  • Tri-Comfort technology adds to comfort 
  • Three panel lens yields good peripheral vision
  • Ergonomic button buckles useable even with gloves


  • Reportedly leaks
  • Some users said it tends to fog up
  • Straps have been known to break

Cressi Panoramic Wide-View Mask Snorkel Set

[amazon box=”B008XAA34W”]


This mask is designed for great visibility, fit, durability and comfort. The bright translucent color selection has such eye-catching colorful style, you’ll be competing with the fish! It has a sturdy, yet lightweight frame and a low-volume design for panoramic views and easy clearing.

The Cressi’s double, feathered-edge skirt is made of silicone for comfort and durability. The lenses are tempered glass. The buckles adjust easily and the split mask strap increases comfort and fit. The submersible, dry-top snorkel prevents water from being accidentally swallowed through the tubing when it is fully submerged. And, the mouthpiece is made of soft silicone and the snorkel tube is flexible.


  • Side lens panels for a panoramic view
  • Double, feathered-edge skirt
  • Low-volume design


  • Reportedly leaks
  • Causes pressure on the bridge of the nose
  • Users said the snorkel valve gets stuck easily

The Verdict

After analyzing the features and benefits of these snorkeling masks, we have determined our favorite snorkeling mask overall is the ScubaPro Solo Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask. It’s panoramic view and streamlined design provide superior functionality and style. Reviewers report the mask to be exceptionally comfortable and well worth its price. The frameless design packs flat for easy storage, and it’s available in a variety of colors so you’ll be fashionable while you cavort with the fishes!

Featured Image: Pixabay

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