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Have you wanted a swimming pool but wondered about price? Watsons pools provide affordable above ground and semi-inground pools that look fantastic and are affordable, whether purchased outright or with financing. Materials for pool construction have improved, and with them opportunities to feel wealthy without the high cost and hassle of below-ground pool construction. Watsons pools offers an incredible variety of customizable sizes, shapes and models. If you have ever considered your own backyard oasis but thought you couldn’t afford it, Watsons pools will change your outlook – and your lifestyle!

Backyard Pool Fun

Watsons pool offers the chance to have your own background pool. Pool installation is more expensive than most people can afford, especially when the property isn’t ideal for digging and installing a below-ground pool. That is where Watsons pool comes into the picture: it’s the go-to affordable option for families to enjoy summer and beat the heat without leaving home. Watsons pools have been providing backyard fun for decades, and this review will introduce the basics of owning and maintaining an above-ground swimming pool.

Estimating Costs

Swimming pools usually come with the house, but for a large segment of the American population such houses are too costly to be realistic. With Watsons pools, any home with a backyard can become a splash-filled playground to beat summer heat. When deciding to become a pool owner, however, there are several factors to consider beyond just the cost of purchase. Although Watsons pool is a relatively inexpensive option, there are maintenance costs built in to the monthly budget. Fortunately, above ground pools require less maintenance than their below-ground cousins, and are tough to withstand weather and time.

Later in this article, we will present the specific maintenance packages Watsons pool offers, but it is important to emphasize up front that buying a pool includes both an initial investment in the materials, and an ongoing commitment to keep the pool healthy and maintained.

About Watsons Pool 

Watsons pool has been in business for decades, and Watsons stores specialize in both outdoor and indoor home improvement systems. Watsons are experts in delivery and installation as well as customer service for an array of home products. The business began fifty years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio but due to great selection and a reputation for excellent customer service, Watsons grew to cover more of the Midwest with a total of 19 stores – eight retail “superstores” and 11 accessory stores.

Swimming Pools

Watsons pool provides above ground or semi-inground models in size ranges from 15 to 33 feet in diameter, or similar sizes for oval footprints. All models include anti-corrosion technology and are built to withstand most weather. The technology of designing pools has improved markedly in the last decade, and Watsons pool has capitalized on design evolution too, with options for almost any backyard. The first thing to consider when planning and designing your backyard oasis is size and shape.


Sizes for round, above ground pools available from Watsons pool range from 15′ to 33′ (diameter), with standard 52″ high walls that are 2″ thick. The above ground pool is less expensive at initial purchase, but costlier to maintain than its inground relative. For homeowners with square yards and less space – and on a budget – a round pool is a great choice. Round pools are also ideal for kids since they are best for splashing and playing rather than exercise. Round pools are stronger than oval and require less support to maintain shape.


For a larger yard or one that is long and narrow, choosing an oval design is recommended. For laps and a roomier swimming area, the oval design is an improvement over round. In addition, an oval pool can be more aesthetically pleasing as they more closely resemble in-ground pools in their classic swimming pool design. Watsons pools come in sizes of 12′ to 21′ (length) for oval pools. Oval pools use steel reinforcement and industrial-strength resin to ensure that it maintains its shape.


The best looking option when considering Watsons pools is the inground design. By building the pool semi-inground, stability and strength is improved. At the same time, a semi-inground Watsons pool parallels the appearance of a fully inground pool, but at a much more affordable price. Especially when combined with decking or a sloped yard, this type of pool can look very much like the classic below-ground variety. The semi-inground option is relatively new but is taking neighborhoods by storm. Why? Like the above-ground model, it’s inexpensive – but it looks like it came with the house and yard.


Polystyrene, a strong exterior paneling or durable “skin” creates the shell of semi-inground Watsons pools. In addition, to reinforce the polystyrene skin, acrylic coated aluminum supports create the frame and reinforcement for semi-inground models. Theses pools are therefore both strong and lightweight, but built to withstand extreme weather like wind and heat. They build energy savings into all models, which include an R-factor insulation of 10. Managing heat loss and gain is essential for above-ground pools due wind and temperature changes.

Above-ground models use diamond-coated steel to provide more structure and strength, as these models do not benefit from the stabilizing geometries of building partially inground or attaching the pool structure to decking or patio materials.


Shopping for a pool or spa does not require a showroom visit. Browsing through Watson pool options online is how most people shop today. Future pool owners can compare the sizes, specifications, and add-ons by scrolling through oval, round or semi-inground Watson pool choices. Prices range quite a bit, with semi-inground models the being most expensive. But maintenance packages are important considerations, too, since a swimming pool requires steady upkeep.


What makes Watsons pools stand out is the relationship between seller and buyer. Watsons pool strives to make service available, to educate consumers, and to keep customers happy with their product. Even the most affordable options such as smaller, round, above-ground models are a significant investment. Watsons pools provides online and telephone customer support, classes for new pool owners, design help, and delivery and installation. Watsons has been in business a long time and knows how to keep customers happy with excellent selection, customer service, and support.

Buyer Steps

When deciding to become a pool owner, first shop around. Once the decision is made that a pool would add value to the home and provide a steady and reliable recreation option, compare prices and features. The prices for above-ground pools will range in the thousands, with semi-inground models starting as low as $9000 plus some installation costs. Most above ground pools will be comparable in price, so researching the durability of their materials and the cost of maintaining the produce is essential. These two factors affect how long the pool is viable and optimize a hassle-free ownership experience.

Superior Materials

When building a pool out of polystyrene and aluminum, or steel and resin, the materials will need very little maintenance. These pools require far less attention than concrete because they manufacture the polystyrene with a protective, chemical finish to resist weather and sun. Concrete pools inevitably require expensive resurfacing no matter how well tended they are. Watsons pools use materials strong enough to support the size and shape of the pool, choosing the least expensive material (such as aluminum) necessary to provide a low-maintenance, durable structure.

Lifelong Use

Although the materials will resist wear and tear, pools require vacuums, liners, sand filters and more. To improve maintenance, Watsons pool offers Standard, Silver, Platinum and Lazyman’s packages that includes extras such as pool vacuum, ladder, lights, and liners. With the Lazyman’s package (for the owner who would prefer a pool service) the maintenance package includes a delivery system for pool-cleaning products as well as winter and summer commercial-grade pool covers.

Research and Compare

Homeowners’ pool shopping should be based on the best fit for the yard, the best value, and the most appropriate model for its usage. After measuring the space in the yard and calculating total costs (the cost to purchase, plus maintenance over several years or decades), the next step is to set up an appointment to speak with a customer service professional at Watsons pool. Talking to an expert will help narrow down the range of options, but is also an opportunity to ask questions that may come up during the comparison and pricing process. A conversation isn’t a decision to buy, but part of the research process.


Many of the pools available through Watsons pools are still in use after half a century. This fact is surprising to many individuals who assume that concrete inground pools are the pinnacle of pool technology and the most durable. Newly engineered materials are far more resilient than most homeowners imagine, and as a result the free-standing swimming pool is now customizable to meet specific owner needs. What used to be called “space age” materials are being applied to solve design challenges in the construction industry. These new pools are an amazing value, and easily within reach.

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