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For swimmers, proper equipment is a must. Many divers favor trappings with safe and reliable uses, able to withstand the strain of dives and erosion of water exposure. When choosing diving equipment, companies like Akona—a Hawaii-based company—are a great resource. This article will discuss Akona’s origin and trademark, their mission statement, and the products they sell, such as ArmorTex. Specs and reviews will focus initially on Akona brand gloves and accessories.

Akona Company Profile

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The Company’s Trademark 

Akona, as mentioned above, is a company based in Hawaii. Their trademark logo is a frog with orange stripes, encased in a circle. The corporation specializes in products for scuba diving and swimming.

The Company’s History 

Akona began as a simple company. They wanted to offer goods for scuba divers at an affordable price. Akona started with durable diving backpacks that would last, but at the time, the packs weren’t marketed at an affordable rate. Gradually, the company evolved to include other ‘soft wear’ goods, like fins, boots, suits, knives, and other diving accessories.Today, Akona is a recognized company across Hawaii for all diving needs. Dealers across the country are affiliated with Akona, improving the accessibility of products.

The Company’s Mission

​Akona is all about excellent customer service. They have provided clients with equipment—for both underwater and land adventure—that will last for many years against the elements. They designed their goods to be versatile, rugged, trendy, and affordable. Akona also sponsors local, national, and environmental events. Akona’s website is full of testimonials that attest to the company’s quality. We will discuss those further down this article.

Other Services Provided

​The company website has an FAQ section to discuss any issues customers might have. Akona has a dedicated customer service and item registration form for lost or stolen goods. Akona promises its products to work. They offer a two-year warranty, with exceptions included for airline travel. However, Akona will always put the customer first. If they find a situation where the customer is in need, Akona will compensate the client in any way possible.

Akona ArmorTex

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General Specs

One of Akona’s token products is ArmorTex. This material with its durable and lightweight specs lives up to the company’s mission. This substance is flexible and designed for finger dexterity while ten times stronger than steel. Akona layers stress points—like fingers and joints—with ArmorTex, instead of the whole product. This method prioritizes durability while maintaining comfort and affordability.


One example of Akona’s products is the ArmorTex glove. These lightweight and durable products retain fingertip sensitivity without sacrificing durability. Neoprene comprises the glove’s inner material, which allows for natural stretching motion. The touch sensitivity enables a wearer to operate precise scuba equipment with the glove equipped. Computer buttons or line reels are no problem with ArmorTex.

​3.5 mm and 5 mm Glove Versions

The product’s design reduces water movement inside the glove, keeping the wearer’s hands and arms warm—vital to any scuba diving venture. There are two varieties for this function—a 3.5 mm version for temperate water, and a 5 mm for icy water. The 3.5 mm has better flexibility and touch sensitivity, but even with the 5 mm, flexibility and touch are not an issue. Both gloves offer a snug fit, with material that can deter sharp objects.Below, we summarize the good and bad of the gloves.


  • Snug, comfortable fit
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Flexible with touch sensitivity
  • Durable protection against damage
  • Low water infiltration


  • Size may be too small, depending on the client’s hand
  • Products are not damage-proof and may require repair years down the road

Be sure to order the correct size online. Return them if they do not fit or are damaged. Akona will gladly take them back for a repair or full refund.


​The price for 3.5 mm is around $58.

The price for 5 mm is around $64.

Both price at affordable ranges, given the specs they offer. Akona is strongly recognized for its quality products; you can rest easy with your purchase. You can go through Akona’s website for information on where to find a dealer or a store specialized for Akona goods.

Akona Gloves Feedback

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Below, we examined testimonials based on our research of Akona’s website. Feel free to explore their site for more examples.

ArmorTex Gloves First Review

In July of last year, the customer purchased a pair of ArmorTex gloves. The client had bought many brands of gloves before—and they enjoyed the Akona brand glove performance over others. The client said the gloves proved warm and flexible enough for all his or her recreational needs—and extensive underwater use. After a few months, the customer noticed a tear in one finger. Some Aqua Seal fixed the problem and kept the damage from growing. The customer was satisfied with the product, promising to purchase more.

ArmorTex Gloves Second Review

A second customer bought a pair of ArmorTex gloves over ten years ago. The client thanked Akona for the quality of the product. The gloves had staved off a vicious bite from an eel on the index finger. The customer found only a small scratch, thanks to the gloves. He or she was surprised at the incident, but also glad at the proven quality of Akona’s product.

ArmorTex Gloves Third Review

A third client around ten years ago had a similar incident. He or she had stabbed a fish in their arms. The blade had pierced the fish, striking the customer’s hand. With little more than a prick from a knife, the glove had saved the buyer’s hand from serious injury. The client thanked Akona for their quality product.

Akona Accessories Feedback

​Next, we looked at other equipment offered by Akona—and how it compared. We finished with an examination of how Akona handles returns and repairs.

ArmorTex Seco Boots Review

A few years ago, a customer bought a pair of Seco boots. He or she went for a swim in a pond. The boots, while soaked from the swim, drained readily through holes designed in its length. This development happily surprised the customer—how quick the treads dried. The boots required no flip over and were ready for use. The client expressed their gratitude at Akona’s brilliant design, catered to the customer’s convenience.

ArmorTex Pro Camera Bag Review

Ten years ago, a buyer—an underwater photographer and NAUI instructor—got a camera bag from Akona. He or she expressed amazement at the bag’s insulation and balanced design. Not only did the pack secure the camera, but the bag also kept the fully loaded camera stable throughout many underwater ventures—another testament to Akona’s mission statement.

The client tested the pack in many scenarios, placing it in overhead bins, piggybacking other luggage on the bag. The buyer had tested different brands of camera bags, some more expensive. None of the brands have compared to Akona’s product of quality and affordability.

ArmorTex Backpack Review

Over ten years ago, a client bought a large backpack for scuba diving. The buyer mentioned the bag on many trips. He or she noticed the frustration in others who owned non-Akona backpacks brands that did not work. The client received praise from traveling companions for the Akona pack’s excellent quality. The customer thanked Akona for their product, claiming to use the backpack well into the future.

Repair and Return Review

A client had purchased a set of Akona equipment. After a trip to Cozumel, he or she found the equipment damaged by the airlines. The pull handle had broke, and the zippers tore. Through a local dealer, the customer sent the damaged items away from repairs. The customer’s equipment returned in less than two weeks, fully repaired. Free. The client swore as a lifelong customer of Akona, promising to purchase more.

Other Reviews

​Additional customers have expressed their enthusiasm for Akona’s products. Some offered suggestions to enhance the design. Akona continues their work year by year to improve their products for buyers. If you own an Akona product, there’s a form on the website you can fill out; write your testimonial and see how yours stacks up to what others say.


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Akona has proven to be a company that goes above and beyond their mission to assist customers. Whether issues arise with damaged goods or quality of the products, Akona always delivers. The list of testimonials shows Akona incorporates the safety and convenience of their customers into the product. They price their goods at affordable rates compared to the competition. They also offer a variety of online services to assist buyers whether it is a question about a product or where to locate a local retailer.

Our Choice of Akona’s Products

Overall, we found the ArmorTex gloves to be the most impressive. The combination of dexterity with safety and finger sensitivity also impressed many customers as seen in the reviews.We hope this article has helped you with your swimming and diving questions. If you ever find yourself in need of diving resources, remember that trademark frog of Akona. Remember their mission statement of customer safety, convenience, and satisfaction. Happy diving.

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