Xcel Thermoflex Wetsuit Review And Buyer’s Guide

Xcel Thermoflex wetsuit

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Whether you are new to diving, a recreational diver, or a serious, certified diver, your wetsuit makes a tremendous difference to your comfortability in and out of the water. You need to make sure your wetsuit keeps you warm in cold temperatures and offers a full range of motion, and is easy to take on and off. We review the Xcel Thermoflex Wetsuit to see how it stacks up to other possibilities and whether or not it can do what you need on a dive.  

What Is the Xcel Thermoflex Wetsuit?

If you’re looking for a suit that will keep you toasty warm in cold water temperatures, like off the Pacific Northwest, the Xcel Thermoflex Wetsuit is the answer. As a 7/6mm wetsuit with a budget-friendly price, the Xcel Thermoflex Wetsuit adds high-end features where they count most, like in the super stretch neoprene panels in the upper body area that give you additional flexibility, or the duraflex kneepads and the adjustable collar.  

To keep you extra warm, sealed seams keep cold water out, and the ThermoBamboo chest panel pulls moisture away from the skin to help you retain valuable body heat. Even the ankle zippers help you keep water out and heat in, while the seams are glued and blind stitched with compression resistant UltraStretch neoprene for better durability and a softer feel.

In addition to the ThermoBamboo chest panel, the Xcel Thermoflex features Xcel’s new TDC Thermo Dry Celliant in a high pile diamond print in the front and in the back from the neck to the knees, with a low-pile, infrared print from the shoulders through the arms that recycles your body heat into infrared energy for greater warmth, increased endurance, faster recovery, and enhanced overall performance. The semi-dry back zipper and Xcel’s exclusive Drylock wrist seals form a comfortable seal that keeps water out.  

Like all Xcel wetsuits, the Xcel Thermoflex Wetsuit is environmentally conscious and constructed with limestone based neoprene and glue, eliminating the oil-consuming processes and using hydro-electric power and waste energy instead.  

Product Specs  

The Xcel Thermoflex Wetsuit comes with a number of great features from the outside of the suit, like the ultrastretch neoprene, Xcel’s softest and most durable neoprene with glued and blindstitched, sealed seams to keep the water out.  A quick, dry, fiber plush inner-lining dries 30% faster than standard neoprene.  

Duraflex knee panels help minimize wear-and-tear on the wetsuit, while the Drylock wrist seals create a “donut seal”.  The semi-dry back zipper helps keep water out with a protective spine pad, and the adjustable Velcro wrap collar protects the back zipper to allow for a better more comfortable fit.


Priced at around $390, the Xcel Thermoflex Wetsuit has a budget friendly price for those needing a 7/6mm thick wetsuit.  

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.     

O’Neill Men’s Reactor 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit

ScubaPro Profile Women’s 0.5mm Wetsuit

Bare 5mm Velocity Full Suit Super-Stretch Wetsuit

Excel Thermoflex Wetsuit

Price – $$                                                            

Ease of Use – 5 Stars  

With ultrastretch neoprene and the zipper ankles, the Xcel Thermoflex wetsuit is easy to pull on and off.  

Design Quality – 5 Stars                            

Designed to keep you warm with features like the TDC Thermo Dry Celliant, the Xcel Thermoflex wetsuit is designed with your comfort and warmth in mind.

Warranty – 5 Stars

The Xcel Thermoflex Wetsuit has a 1 year warranty. 


  • Environmentally conscious
  • Keeps warm at low water temps


  • Tight fit in the arms

O’Neill Men’s Reactor 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit

Unlike the Xcel Thermoflex Wetsuit, which is perfect for deep water diving in colder temperatures, the O’Neill Men’s Reactor 3/3mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit is designed for active water sports and dives in 55 to 64-degree water.  

The Reactor is made with ultra-flex neoprene with fluid foam and with strategically placed padding for comfort design that includes Krypto knee pads to minimize wear and tear on the suit. The Reactor also includes a hidden key pocket and breathable, flatlock seams for soft stretch comfort.  

There are a number of troubling aspects about this wetsuit though. Many people report a distinct smell associated with the wetsuit that lingers for months after purchase. There are also a number of reports about quality issues with regard to the back zipper, both opening on its own and at times even breaking. These quality issues give us tremendous pause when considering the suit; yet for those that have a positive experience, they find that it’s the best deal for a quality wetsuit they’ve found.  

Price – $  

For under $160, the O’Neil Men’s Reactor 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit is a good product, considering its price, though it has quite a few issues to be considered before purchase.

Ease of Use –  3 Stars                              

The O’Neill Men’s Reactor 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit is either a love-it or hate-it wetsuit. For those that love it, they can take the wetsuit on and off easily.  For those that have a less positive experience, the wetsuit is difficult and a tight fit.  

Design Quality  2 – Stars                            

Some users have reported that the zipper either opens completely while the suit is being worn or the zipper breaks completely. There is also a bad smell which many users have reported does not dissipate with use.  

Warranty – 4 Stars

While O’Neill offers both a 30 Day Return on unused items and a limited 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, they also will repair or replace the product under their sole discretion, meaning it is up to them to determine whether the warranty will cover any issues that come up. They also require a copy of the purchase receipt with any warranty claims.  


  • Good product for the price


  • Back unzips
  • Bad smell
  • Seams tear
  • Fits tight

ScubaPro Profile Women’s 0.5mm Wetsuit

The ScubaPro Profile Women’s .5mm Wetsuit is an ultra thin neoprene wetsuit that you can wear as a warm-water wetsuit or as a layer underneath a warmer suit for colder water diving.

Designed with specific cuts for men or women, the Profile is made with a quality nylon / neoprene blend on the outside and an ultra-smooth Silverskin inner lining with a Metalite coating, complete with Everflex panels that offer flexibility, Powertex anti-abrasion panels, and Tatex kneepads. The ScubaPro Profile Women’s 5mm Wetsuit dries fast and seals well, to keep water out.  

The non-chafing flat-seam stitching insures a comfortable feel against your skin and the flat seam construction is a stitching pattern that provides comfort strength and flexibility on warm water suits.  The thumb loops and foot stirrups prevent the suit from riding up when worn underneath a thicker wetsuit.

With an eye towards the environment like the Xcel Thermaflex Wetsuit, the suit is crafted from sustainably sourced environmentally friendly X-foam neoprene.  

Price – $

At around $140, this suit is reasonably priced for the budget conscious.

Ease of Use – 5 Stars                          

It takes a while to break it in, but once you do, the suit will be easier to get on and off and fit comfortably. While it won’t keep you warm on deep dives or in colder waters, it does allow you to enjoy warmer water climate swimming or diving without getting too hot and provides protection against current or coral bumps.

Design Quality – 5 Stars

The Profile comes in male and female specific cuts for superior fit with a sleek and complimentary look. The Everflex panels for flexibility, the Powertex anti-abrasion panels, and the Tatex knee pad help prevent wear and tear of the wetsuit.

Warranty  – 5 Stars

ScubaPro offers a limited one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects, as long as you provide proof of purchase. While they seem more customer oriented than O’Neill’s customer service terms, they still reserve the right to decide between repairing any defects and replacing the suit.  


  • Specific fit
  • Quality suit for a budget-conscious price
  • Sleek look


  • Runs extremely small to size
  • Quality control issues

Bare 5mm Velocity Full Suit Super-Stretch Wetsuit

With progressive full-stretch technology for an enhanced and comfortable fit, fill, and performance, as well as durability, the 5mm Bare Velocity Full Suit Super-Stretch wetsuit is perfect for mid-to-cold water dives and water sports.

As a product of Bare’s popular Velocity series, this wetsuit is made from a combination of three different full-stretch material types, called Progressive Full Stretch (PFS) construction.

Each Bare wetsuit begins with the Bare-Fit foundation, an ergonomic design and intricate shaping patterns with articulated arms and legs. After that, the areas of the suit where flexibility is essential are highlighted to incorporate full-stretch fabrics to maximize movement in those key areas.

As a brand, Bare keeps the diver in mind and makes sure that the experience is front and center. The only thing that all divers have in common is a love of a day spent in the water and they want to make sure they can stay in the water as long as possible. The Bare design team uses that experience as an inspiration for their Velocity line, from the seamless underarms for comfort to Bare’s unique flip seals in the forearms and legs to reduce flushing. The tremendous visual design elements that sweet across the shoulders mimic warm sunlight, shimmering through crystal blue water.  

Additional features of the Velocity Full Suit Super-Stretch Wetsuit include a comfortable contoured 5mm Glide-Skin collar with a 360-degree neck seal that minimizes water entry through the neck and zipper. There is a hook at the base of the zipper to help zip the suit up and embossed back knee PROTEKT knee flex panels for added comfort when kicking or squatting that also provide abrasion and wear resistance. Heavy-duty ankle zippers help get the suit on and off.

Price – $$

At around $330, the Bare 5mm Velocity Full Suit Super-Stretch Wetsuit is comparable to the Xcel Thermaflex Wetsuit in price, considering the Velocity wetsuit is a 5mm thick suit, whereas the Thermaflex is 7/6mm thick.  

Ease of Use – 5 Stars                            

The ankles at the ankles and the super stretch material make the Velocity wetsuit one of the easiest to get on and off.  

Design Quality – 5 Stars

Bare’s Design Team understand that a product is only as good as it makes you feel. The Design Team crafts a product thoughtfully and carefully to give divers and water sports enthusiasts the best experience and feeling they can while they are wearing a Bare wetsuit.  

Warranty – 5 Stars                                  

The Bare 5mm Velocity Full Suit Super-Stretch Wetsuit comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


  • Designed well
  • Comfortable fit
  • Sturdy construction


  • Price


It’s difficult to compare each of these suits with the other, as the ScubaPro Profile Women’s 0.5mm Wetsuit and the O’Neill Men’s Reactor 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit are made for warmer weather water sports and divers, while the Xcel Thermaflex Wetsuit and the Bare 5mm Velocity Full Suit Super-Stretch Wetsuit are made for mid-to-colder weather dives.  

With that in mind, let’s focus on the Xcel Thermaflex Wetsuit and the Bare Velocity Super-Stretch Wetsuit.  Each of these suits is crafted by reputable brands with a diver in mind.  Both are made with quality products, but only Xcel sources their products responsibly with an eye towards environmental sustainability. And both are made to ensure that the experience matters so that you’re not worrying about being uncomfortable or having your movements restricted while you’re having the time of your life underwater.

While they both cost around between $300 and $400, these are durable suits built to last for years.  You can have peace of mind, knowing that while you’re in the middle of your dive, you’ll be warm and comfortable; living the experience.

We give the Xcel Thermaflex 5 stars.  

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