Review: Suunto Zoop Dive Computer

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Dive computers are vital to the safety and well-being of divers of all experience levels. That said, as essential as they are, the marketplace is full of different options—some with all the bells and whistles and others whose standard specs stand the test of time. Determining which dive computer is best suited for a diver depends on the diver, their skill level, their needs, and their pocketbook,  Below we’ll analyze the specs, performance, pricing, and design quality of the Suunto Zoop Dive Computer and then we’ll see how the Suunto Zoop measures up next to some of the other premier dive computers in the industry.

What Is the Suunto Zoop Dive Computer?

Perfect for entry-level divers, who don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, the Suunto Zoop Dive Computer is a both affordable and durable. With a large, 40mm display this wrist dive computer comes with a diver changeable batter, audio alarms, and a built-in dive planner. It can log 50 hours in its diving profile and boasts 2 operating modes, air and nitrox. Geared towards new divers, Suunto Zoop Dive Computer is a solid and reliable option for those looking for their first (or backup) dive computer.

Product Specs

While it doesn’t have the advanced features of other, more expensive, dive computers, the Suunto Zoop Dive Computer makes what it has, count. Its menu is simple and easy to read, it has a phosphorescent display for dark and/or low light conditions; it has audible alarms, and an N2 loading bar graph. The Suunto Zoop Dive Computer’s display provides info on max depth (which is up to 328ft or 99m) and dive time, as well as temperature. Plus, it’s easy to sync the dive computer with your PC, so you can see and scrutinize your diving performance.


The Suunto Zoop Dive Computer is an older model (the newest iteration being the Suunto Zoop Novo) and so can be found at most online retailers as a used or barely used device. We’ve seen used prices starting at $160.00 and going up to $250.00 (this is probably what you’ll end up paying). Your best bet is to search Amazon, eBay, and, as the official Suunto website no longer carries this model.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare. First, we’ll look a little closer at some of the details of the Suunto Zoop Dive Computer and then we’ll look at the wider market and compare some of its peers. We’ll analyze price, ease of use, performance, design quality, and warranty. Then we’ll give some final thoughts on the Suunto Zoop Dive Computer.

Shearwater Research

Cressi Giotto

Sherwood Amphos

Suunto Zoop Dive Computer 

Price            $

You can get this dive computer for around $250.00.  

Ease of Use                 4 Stars 

What sold, and continues to sell, this device is how easy it is to use. The battery is easily replaceable by the diver, the display is large and easily navigable, and its altitude adjustable. It also comes with an optional USB Transfer kit which will allow easy uploads to either a Mac or PC. Plus, to conserve the battery life, after 5 minutes of inactivity, the dive computer’s display shuts down.

Performance                3.5 Stars   

The Suunto Zoop Dive Computer works on the Reduced Gradient Bubbles Model (RGBM) algorithm. It has two gas modes Air and Nitrox (21% to 50%), though a drawback is that you can’t switch modes underwater. Its 50-hour dive log is nice compared to more expensive and newer models that have less. One drawback is that this dive computer does not have a free dive mode.

Design Quality             3.5 Stars 

The display shows max depth, elapsed dive time, the no-decompression-stop time, and temp—on other wrist dive computers this can become a problem as the information can seem cluttered and unreadable. However, because of the large display face (which incidentally makes it unwearable as an everyday wrist watch), this is not an issue for most divers using this computer.

Warranty                       N/A 

No longer sold through main site, so see what your warranty options are, depending on where you buy.


  • Good for entry-level divers
  • Tough and sturdy design makes it durable
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Affordable—significantly less than comparable dive computers


  • No air integration
  • No digital compass
  • Can’t switch gas modes underwater
  • Can’t wear as a wrist watch
  • No fresh water setting

Shearwater Research Petrel 1

The Shearwater Research Petrel 1, while for professional divers, is also a great dive computer for those who dive recreationally. One advanced feature that sets the Shearwater Petrel 1, and the Shearwater product line, apart is that these dive computers come with a 3-axis digital compass and can log up to 1000 hours in its dive profile. Plus, it has Bluetooth capability and is easily syncable with PCs and Macs.

Price             $$

Like the Suunto Zoop, the Shearwater Research Petrel 1 is an older model. As such, it’ll take a bit of digging to find it. Try eBay or forums like,, or and search for divers selling it second-hand. This is perfect for those who want a top of the line dive computer but aren’t quite ready to shell out the big bucks for the newest iteration. We’ve seen prices range from $450-$550.

Ease of Use                 5 Stars

The Shearwater Petrel 1 has an easy to read and navigable display, despite its size and the software is intuitive and easily understood. Also, the Shearwater Petrel 1 works just as well as a recreational dive computer.  

Performance                5 Stars 

The Shearwater Petrel 1 has four diving modes: OC Recreational (3 gas nitrox computer), OC Technical (5 OC gases trimix decompression computer), CC INT (Closed Circuit with 5 OC/ 5 CC gases), and Gauge. It operates the Buhlmann GF algorithm with an optional VPM-B algorithm. Finally, it boasts a 3 axis, tilt compensated, digital compass.

Design Quality             4.5 Stars

Though it’s significantly smaller and lighter than other dive computers in the Shearwater stable, the Shearwater Petrel hasn’t given up any of its effectiveness or physical appeal. It has a full color, hi-res display, Bluetooth integration, and operates on rechargeable AA batteries.

Warranty                       N/A

No longer sold through main site, so see what your warranty options are, depending on where you buy.


  • 3 axis, tilt compensated, digital compass
  • 2.4” High resolution, color display
  • Bluetooth capability
  • 1000-hour dive log


  • No wireless air integration
  • Not a dual dive computer/wrist watch  

Cressi Giotto

It’s not often you find a device that’s easy to use, great to look at, and good at its job. Running on the Cressi RGBM algorithm, operating at a maximum depth of 392ft (120 m), with four altitude settings (reach 12,139ft or 3,700m), and a dive log with space for 70 hours (or 60 dives), the Cressi Giotto is a high performer. And luckily can be found at a great price.

Price   $

You can find the Cressi Giotto at most online scuba equipment retailers. We’ve found great prices at sites like Leisure Pro, Divers Direct, Divers Supply,, Walmart, and Amazon. While the average price is around $300.00, it can be varied as well. Don’t settle for the first price you see—if you do some searching you can probably find it a bit cheaper. Look at online stores like Scubastore or eBay if you’re trying to find a bargain.

Ease of Use                    4.5 Stars 

Because the Cressi Giotto is meant both for beginners and mid-level experienced divers, it’s very easy to use.  For instance, many dive computers fill up their displays with a lot of abbreviated information. The Giotto doesn’t do this. Instead, the Cressi Giotto’s display is clear and delineated, and as the experience level of the diver grows, so will their ease of use.

Performance                  4.5 Stars

With three dive modes—air, nitrox, and gauge—the Cressi Giotto, edges past the Suunto Zoop Dive Computer’s two. In nitrox mode, the dive computer can manage oxygen levels of 21% to 99%. Additionally, the Giotto has a slew of audio and visual alarms—ranging from dive time alerts, deep stop warnings, and ascent rate violations, to decompression air and nitrox warnings. Because this dive computer is marketed more towards recreational divers, it does not have more advanced features, like air integration or a digital compass, and it lacks a free dive mode.

Design Quality               4 Stars 

This is truly a beautiful machine. Trimmed in stainless steel and with an ergonomic build, the Cressi Giotto’s Italian design and engineering are front and center. It comes in a variety of colors, but it’s not just a pretty face. It’s built to last, its lightweight, and its full of advanced engineering.

Warranty            N/A 

Check seller for warranty information.


  • Affordable price
  • Display is easy to ready and navigate
  • Several Color Options
  • User replaceable battery
  • Imperial/Metric options
  • Auditory and visual alarms


  • No air integration
  • No compass
  • Can’t wear as a wrist watch

Sherwood Amphos

With water activation, flexible operation between imperial and metric measurements, and a log book that has memory enough for 24 dives, the Sherwood Amphos is a great diving wrist computer for both beginner and experienced divers who are looking for an all-day wear wrist watch that is as good outside the water as it is inside it.

Price                      $

Amazon, Leisure Pro, and eBay are going to be your best bet for finding the most affordable price for the Sherwood Amphos. Once you leave the bigger retailers, you’re going to see the prices start to rise as much as several hundred dollars. The average price at most retailers is $300 which is incredibly affordable for the support and flexibility the Sherwood Amphos will bring to your diving experience.

Ease of Use                          4 Stars 

Based on the Wisdom3 format, the Sherwood Amphos purports to be intuitive for users—and most agree—but be cautious and look to user reviews on the retailer’s sites. Some divers have found that they have trouble navigating the manual and switching between modes. Otherwise, the Sherwood Amphos has great reviews on usability and though some struggled, most agreed that once understood, they were able to use the dive computer with no issues.

Performance                         4 Stars

The Sherwood Amphos has four modes—Air, Nitrox, Gauge, and Free Dive—which makes it a standout both at its price point and on this list. There are two gas features, runs on the DSAT Decompression Model, has a Deep Stop and Safety Stop function, and has user changeable batteries.  It has audio and visual alarms, loading bar graphs that show nitrogen, oxygen, and ascent, as well as a data retention feature—meaning that the device will maintain its settings and data even when the battery is exchanged.

Design Quality                      4.5 Stars

Comfortable for everyday wear as a wrist watch, the Sherwood Amphos is both stylish and functional. It’s lightweight, but has a large, uncluttered display. User reviews highlight the fact that the Sherwood Amphos does not immediately slide into dive mode once it gets wet. Instead it waits until a depth of 1.5 has been reached before it activates dive mode. Its adaptable and flexible, allowing the user to get the most of their diving experience.

Warranty                                N/A

See online retailer for warranty options.  


  • Affordable
  • Audio and visual alarms
  • Doubles as a wrist watch
  • Free dive mode
  • Wet-activate setting
  • Optional USB cable connector


  • No digital compass
  • Smaller display


The Suunto Zoop Dive Computer is a great, affordable option, particularly if you are new to diving or need a back-up dive computer. While there are newer and shinier models on the market now, the Suunto Zoop’s quality and performance won’t let it be overshadowed. Its intuitive, straightforward and though it’s lacking in some advanced features, it more than makes of for it in what it does have—great tech that’s easy to use at a great price. The user reviews don’t lie, this dive computer is continuing to stand the test of time. We give this product a solid 4 stars.

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