Review: NeoSport Premium Wetsuit

Review: NeoSport Premium Wetsuit

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Just about all divers use a wetsuit. However, with so many manufacturers employing subtly different designs and features, what you’re getting or not getting at any one price point isn’t always immediately obvious. Despite the fact that all wetsuits serve essentially the same purpose, the materials, build specificities, and amount of protection tend to vary from model to model. When choosing a wetsuit, taking these aspects into consideration will ensure you get the most comfortable and safe diving experience possible. We’ve taken a close look at some wetsuits available on the market from competing manufacturers and listed their pros and cons for the sake of comparison, with a specific focus on the NeoSport Premium Wetsuit model.

What Is the NeoSport Premium Wetsuit?

The NeoSport Premium Wetsuit is a cold water suit designed to maximize wearer safety and comfort while maximizing durability and versatility for an ideal fit. The manufacturer’s staff is made up primarily of athletes and watermen with a stake in delivering a quality product.   

Product Specs  

The NeoSport Premium Wetsuit is a 5mm dive suit for use in warm and cool waters and offers a high degree of comfort with premium neoprene and an adjustable collar for a non-confining and stretchable fit. It sports an anatomically cut design with one-piece construction and features a uniform material thickness throughout the suit for maximized core warmth without sacrificing mobility in the joints and extremities.    All seams are glued and sewn, and the collar is adjustable with velcro seals along with lycra trimmed seals on the wrists and ankles. A #10 YKK zipper is positioned on the back. For additional flexibility and durability at joints, thermally bonded knee-pads are incorporated to both prevent wear and tear and facilitate smooth movement. One feature unique to this suit is an internal zipper pocket, good for storing additional gear or accessories in a place guarded from the elements. Available sizes include X Small, Small, Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large, and 3X Large. This suit’s affordable price and consistent overall material thickness make it a versatile choice for hobbyists or beginner divers. 


The dive suits outlined in this list range in price from around $60 to $180. Even at this lower price grade, subtle variations in build specificity and quality of materials can contribute to the overall efficiency and safety of the wetsuit, as well as the environments within which it best performs. 

How It Compares

We looked at multiple dive suits for the purposes of comparison, listing the individual specs, features, and pros and cons to see how they compare to the NeoSport Premium Wetsuit. 

Aunua Premium Diving Suit

Hyperflex Men’s Access


NeoSport Premium Wetsuit

Although at the more highly priced end of this list’s focus, the NeoSport Premium Wetsuit is still relatively affordable compared to most wetsuits available on the market. This makes it an excellent choice for those in need of a wetsuit for athletics, snorkeling, or free diving, who aren’t necessarily considering more technically difficult dives in extremely cold water or at great depths.

Price                                                 $$

This model is available wherever diving supplies are sold, as well as from the manufacturer’s website and other online retailers. It can be found on Amazon and prices vary between approximately $120 and $183 depending on which color and size you choose.

Ease of Use                                     4/5

The NeoSport Premium Wetsuit features an adjustable collar which makes it easy to fit with wetsuit hoods without compromising water protection. However, the zipper is positioned on the back of the suit, making it difficult to get in and out of alone.

Design Quality                               4/5

The NeoSport Premium Wetsuit’s anatomically informed one-piece design reduces the risk of leaks and creates a flexible and mobile wetsuit. An additional interior pocket for accessories or gear is thoughtful and convenient. Durability ensuring knee pads extend the life expectancy of the suit while providing boosted mobility.

Warranty                                       5/5

The NeoSport Premium Wetsuit is covered by the manufacturer for 1 year “head to toe,” as well as an additional 5 years for all materials and workmanship with the exception of damage caused by external factors or misuse. The zipper is covered for 10 years.


  • Adjustable collar     
  • One-piece design
  • Interior pocket


  • Rear zipper
  • No hood included

Aunua Premium Diving Suit

This dive suit is specifically designed for snorkeling and is ideal for beginners and hobbyists alike. It consists of a premium neoprene at a 3mm thickness in the torso area, with arms at a thickness of 2mm, contributing to overall flexibility and mobility while ensuring core warmth. The neoprene material is specifically designed to protect from near-surface diving environmental dangers, such as UV exposure, sea lice, and other biological irritants found in shallower waters, making it ideal for all water oriented sport activities from swimming, surfing, and kayaking, to snorkeling and diving.

 The back oriented YKK zipper is outfitted with an extended puller to zip and unzip the wetsuit without the assistance of a partner. An adjustable velcro neck collar is also incorporated, as well as kneepads for mobility and durability. All interior seams are flat seams, reducing irritation and providing a smooth interior and exterior surface. This wetsuit is available in many sizes including Small, Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large, and 3X Large.

Price                                                $

This model is available wherever diving supplies are sold, as well as from the manufacturer’s website and other online retailers. It can be found on Amazon for around $60.00.

Ease of Use                                   5/5

This model sports an adjustable velcro collar as well as variable thicknesses in material for core warmth and maximized flexibility. Of particular note is the extended zipper puller, which makes it as easy as possible to get in and out of the wetsuit itself.

Design Quality                              3/5

Although the flat seams on the interior and exterior of the unit create a streamlined and smooth surface which will reduce irritation and increase mobility underwater, the high amount of seams means a higher likelihood of leakage in after prolonged usage. The presence of kneepads here is, nonetheless a positive.

Warranty                                        0/5

No warranty or return information is offered by the manufacturer.


  • Extended zipper pull for easy in and out
  • Adjustable velcro collar 
  • Knee pads for additional durability and flexibility


  • No hood included
  • No warranty protection available

Hyperflex Men’s Access

This wetsuit’s versatile design allows for usage in swimming pools, lake sports, tubing, water skiing, ocean surfing, body boarding, skin boarding, snorkeling, and SCUBA diving. It’s constructed with 3mm supple neoprene, supplying warmth with an emphasis on style and functionality. It features a full back zipper, and flatlock seams to assure water tightness, comfort, and durability with a reduced amount of irritation and increased mobility underwater. The cut of the wet suit is anatomically informed, allowing it to fit without creasing or tearing around the body. Unique to this model are chill breaker mech skin panels, which trap additional heat to the body.    Kneepads for increased durability at the most often flexed points of the suit as well as effortless mobility give this suit an extended usage timeframe. The collar is fully adjustable with velcro for the easy addition of a hood as well as the prevention of cold water flushing. This suit is available in X SMall, Small, Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large, and 3X Large, allowing for an increased amount of accessibility and comfort for users of any shape or size, including children. This model’s relatively low price point for the amount of versatility it offers makes it an excellent choice for beginners and hobbyists, as well as a young person’s first suit. 

Price                                              $

This model is available wherever diving supplies are sold, as well as from the manufacturer’s website and other online retailers. It can be found on Amazon for around $66 to $103 dollars, depending on color and size selection.

Ease of Use                                  3/5

This model’s adjustable collar makes it easy to integrate into a preexisting gear setup. However, its rear-facing zipper isn’t the easiest thing to manage on one’s own. Despite this, the high number of available sizes and the price point is a major plus.

Design Quality                              4/5

With an anatomically informed design and flatlock seals, this wetsuit fits comfortably and without irritating the skin or creating drag in the water. A minimum of seams reduces the risk of leaking somewhat. The fabric of the material is specifically designed to protect from the hazards of spending long amounts of time at the surface of the water, with UV light and biological irritant prevention built in.

Warranty                                        4/5

This wetsuit is covered by the manufacturer for 1 year following the date of purchase, excluding damage caused by external factors or misuse.


  • Adjustable velcro collar
  • Anatomically informed cut and fit
  • High number of sizing options


  • Rear-oriented zipper isn’t easily accessible alone


This extremely affordable wetsuit model is an excellent multi-sport option, with the ability to accommodate usage in diving, SCUBA, paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking, and more. It consists of a durable and flexible neoprene, with a 3mm thick chest panel, and 2mm thick sleeves to increase flexibility and comfort. Its design makes use of flatlock seams, which lay against the body of the wearer without irritating the skin, as well as increasing the smoothness of the exterior for maximum underwater mobility.

The seaming is kept to a minimum to prevent leakage. This model makes use of knee pads for durability at the most flexed parts of the suit and ensures a long usage period without wear and tear. The zipper is a back oriented #10 YKK zipper with an extra long pulling cord to facilitate easy solo in and out. The available sizes for this model are Small, Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large, and 3X Large. This wetsuit is an excellent choice for adult hobbyists and athletes looking for an all-around solution to keeping their core warm during extended periods of time in or on the water and offers the benefits of a wetsuit at an extremely affordable price.

Price                                                $

This model is available wherever diving supplies are sold, as well as from the manufacturer’s website and other online retailers. It can be found on Amazon for around $60.00.

Ease of Use                                   4/5

An adjustable velcro collar along with an extra long pull cord for the zipper make this wetsuit convenient and low hassle to incorporate into an existing gear lineup as well as to get in and out of alone. Offering such features at a steeply reduced price also contributes to this model’s ease of access for sports enthusiasts and athletic hobbyists who may not be interested in the price tag of higher end, technically oriented diving and water gear. 

Design Quality                             4/5

Multiple fabric thicknesses ensure maximized flexibility without sacrificing core warmth, and knee pads allow for durability over a long period of time as well as added protection on the most frequently stressed parts of the wetsuit.

Warranty                                        1/5

No warranty information is offered by the manufacturer; however, a 30-day return policy is in place for unworn articles with tags still attached. Shipping costs are not covered.  


  • Adjustable velcro collar
  • Long pull cord for easy in and out
  • Least expensive option of the list


  • No comprehensive warranty offered by the manufacturer


Although the wetsuits covered on this list are all relatively close in price and similar in intended function, a difference as small as $10 to $20 can imply significant differences in the quality and functionality of the product. Some manufacturers don’t offer warranties at price grades below $100, while more renowned manufacturers making more expensive products almost always do, which is an important consideration for gear that endures constant use and carries with it the potential to fail due to manufacturing errors.

However, at this price grade, those simply looking for a barrier between themselves and the water as they engage in ocean, river, or lake centric athletics will do good with a model that costs less but covers the essentials. We hope that by comparing these wetsuits’ pros and cons to the feature set of the NeoSport Premium Wetsuit we’ve made the process of choosing the one that best suits your needs as easy as possible. 

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