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ressence watch

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The ability to tell time is of utmost importance since our lives revolve around time. The wristwatch is a convenient way to tell time. You might think you don’t need a wristwatch because you have a mobile phone, which is always available to tell you the time. However, reaching for your phone regularly isn’t always ideal. Wristwatches come in analog, digital, and “smart” with our rise in technology and the Ressence watch is one example of a smartwatch.

Glancing at your wrist is a more ideal way to keep tabs on the time during meetings or dates, not to mention how rude it would be to your colleagues or companions if you used your cell phone. Other instances where a wristwatch is more advisable would be when it’s best that your cell phone be concealed like at the beach or functions such as weddings or funerals.

Analog watches have hands that spin around the dial pointing to a location that represents the approximate time. Digital watches show the exact time by displaying a numeric display, and smartwatches are digital watches that can do so much more. Think of it as wearing your cell phone on your wrist.

The smartwatch is a companion device for your smartphone providing information without the need to constantly take out your phone. These smartwatches allow you quick ways to run apps, check notifications, control your digital media, and other scenarios where you’d normally use your phone. Many have touchscreens allowing quick access to your calendar and calculator. One of the coolest aspects is the ability to track your health. Some smartwatches have built-in features like GPS and a heart rate sensor.

About Ressence Watches

Ressence watches are highly progressive and the brainchild of Benoît Mintiens. He is an industrial designer whose approach to fine watchmaking is undoubtedly contemporary. The innovative ideas behind a Ressence watch require excellent attention to detail and superb craftsmanship. Almost all the components that go into a Ressence watch, from the cogs to the complex 3D shaped bridges, are custom-made by a dedicated atelier in Switzerland.

Ressence Watch Specs

The Ressence watch has several features and mechanisms including e-Crown tech, ROCS, water drop effect, magnetic transmission, bellow system, and hydraulic shock absorbers we will discuss more in-depth. First, in 1842 Adrien Philippe invented a mechanism that allowed watches to be wound by means of a crown versus a key. Ressence took this idea and developed the e-Crown technology.

e-Crown Technology

e-Crown technology replaces the traditional crown setup function. It is an electro-mechanical system that works with the mechanical base movement of the ROCS module. The e-Crown is activated and controlled by the simple act of tapping the glass of the Ressence watch.  It checks the indicated time at least once a day by the graphical hands on the dial. The disc’s positions will adjust automatically as long as the watch’s movement is running.

e-Crown will put itself in sleep mode when the watch isn’t being worn and the movement stops. It will wake up when the watch is put back on and will automatically set itself to the right time. e-Crown uses kinetic energy to run and photovoltaic when necessary using outside light as the energy source. This makes e-Crown tech self-sufficient.


ROCS is an exclusive 3-dimensional module. The acronym ROCS stands for Ressence, Orbital, Convex, and System. “Ressence” is because it was created and patented by Ressence, “Orbital: because that’s how the dial moves, “Convex” because each disc is curved, and “System” since it’s a mechanical component. ROCS distinct variations were developed specifically for each type of Ressence watch.

Water Drop Effect

The water drop effect has to do with two sealed chambers available in the Type 3 and Type 5 Ressence watches. One chamber is filled with about 35 ml of oil and other is filled with air. Using this oil gives a visual effect called water drop and has never been seen before. One result is greater legibility. The bending of light as it passes from one material to the next, called refraction, distorts perception. Because the oil and the glass share similar reactions to refraction, your eye thinks depth perception is momentarily lost, but it’s only a trick.

This results in the dial seeming closer, unimpeded by the glass. With the ROCS being entirely enclosed, all parts are suspended in oil and constantly lubricated. This means there is low to non-existence friction between the parts. Using the oil also results in better precision regarding timing because the weight of the components is decreased.

Magnetic Transmission

To connect the two separate sealed chambers found in the Type 3 and Type 5 Ressence watch, an advanced micro-magnetic transmission was created. This unique magnetic transmission was created because the ROCS is physically separate from the rest of the watch.

Several micro magnets are connected to each other and positioned in the upper and lower halves. They are positioned far away from the regulating organ. The strong magnetic conductors reduce magnetic fields and concentrate them in loops around the magnets. The remaining fields are averted by a specially designed alloy.

Bellow System

The bellow system of the Ressence watch is state-of-the-art. It is a self-equilibrating pressure balance system. It represents a temperature gauge that compensates for the expansion and contraction of the oil’s volume between -5 degrees and 55 degrees Celsius. It covers all extreme temperatures the watch may undergo.

The ROCS 3 and ROCS 5 have a mechanical gauge that precisely indicates the oil temperature which is a combination of outside and wrist temperature. There is a 0.5 mm bi-metal spiral mounted under the discs to capture even the slightest change in the oil’s temperature.

Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

The Type 5 Ressence watch is designed with a hydraulic shock absorber to prevent uncoupling of the magnetic transmission. Blades that are located under the runner disc create a flow of oil that’s guided through small openings and when the Ressence watch undergoes a shock, the flow of oil increases and the capacity is exceeded. A hydraulic friction is created slowing down the rotating speed of the runner disc which is mechanically connected through sets of gears. This system keeps the ROCS as well as the rest of the watch connected.


Pricing of Ressence watches varies, and they are available for an estimated cost of $10,000.00 up to $36,000.00 and can be found on the Ressence website, at high-end jewelry stores, online retailers like chrono24, and through private buyers.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

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Ressence Type 5G

  • Patented ROCS 5 – Ressence Orbital Convex System – module driven by the minute axle of a customised 2824/2 base calibre 
  • Caseback winding and time setting with RCLS – Ressence Compression Lock System
  • Convex Grade 5 Titanium dial (125mm radius) with three eccentric biaxial satellites inclined at 3° (hours) and 4.75° (thermal gauge and runner)
  • Engraved indications filled with blue and green Superluminova

The Ressence Type 5G is almost the same as the Type 5 with its biggest innovation being the oil-filled chamber giving this dive watch the ability of underwater legibility easily.


The price of the Ressence Type 5G watch is $38,500.00.


The design of the Ressence Type5G watch is very innovative and is protected against water pressure by a heavy oversized case with thick glass and the use of oil. The Type 5G doesn’t have a crown, instead the back is used to both wind and set the time. The watch measures 46mm across, 15.5mm thick, and is constructed with lightweight titanium including the dial which is made of several titanium discs. To make this watch easier to turn, it has a uni-directional bezel with small protrusions.

If you’ve never seen a Ressence watch, then the dial can be confusing. The hours and minutes are obvious but there are two more indicators. The first one is a gauge measuring the oil temperature and then something that looks kind of like a running seconds display. It makes a full rotation every 90 seconds and just shows you that the watch is running. There are also fins built into the bottom acting as a shock absorber.


The Ressence Type 5G watch has features such as ROCS, magnetic transmission, a bellow system, and hydraulic shock absorbers. It also gives you a nice blue glow by the engraved indicators being filled with SuperLuminova. This watch uses RCLS, which is a system used for the locking and compression of the gasket. RCLS stands for Ressence Compression Lock System and has two positions: “lock” and “set”.


The Ressence watch is comfortable enough for every day, both in or out of the water.


Using oil technology, the Ressence Type 5G achieves great readability under water. It cancels out TIR or total internal reflection. Traditional diving watches need to be viewed directly so that the glass doesn’t turn into a mirror. The use of oil means that readability is easy no matter the viewing angle.​​​​


  • Oil technology
  • Titanium construction
  •  Wearability


  • Price
  • Dial size

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The Apple Watch Series 3 is a good option for someone looking for a great smartwatch experience. Its battery life is terrific, and the screen is beautiful. The display has 1,000 units of brightness which is an insane amount. Regarding fitness tracking, the Apple Watch Series 3 might be the best on the market. The fitness tracking apps are so good, you can tell that Apple put in a lot of work with the OS4. The watch also has GPS making it more versatile. The Apple Watch Series 3 comes with 768 MB and in either 38mm or 42mm versions.


The Apple Watch Series 3 is available for an estimated cost of $280.00.


The design of the Apple Watch Series 3 isn’t that different from its predecessor and although you get a strap included with your purchase there are dozens more sold by Apple to offer variety. The materials of the straps include leather and woven nylon. Any Apple strap works with any Apple watch so you can switch to different straps for versatility. The display screen of the Apple Watch Series 3 is square.


The Apple Watch Series 3 is waterproof and features swimming modes. It has a water resistance rating of 50 meters meaning that it can be used for activities such as swimming in the pool or the ocean. This watch pairs to your iPhone like past generations where you scan the image on the watch’s face using your phone’s camera. Regarding GPS, the Apple Watch Series 3 has an improved version including Galileo and QZSS.

The Apple Watch Series 3 has activity rings allowing you to visualize the ways you move. They can tell you if you’re sitting too much, measure calories burned, and track how many minutes you’ve exercised. You can even send them to your friends and join in activity competitions. The Apple Watch Series 3 also monitors heart rate, screens for irregular rhythms, and has an emergency SOS to initiate a call for help. There is also a breathing app to help manage stress.


The Apple Watch Series 3 is more comfortable due to the LTE antenna being squeezed behind the screen. In other LTE enabled smartwatches, the antenna is often placed inside the strap. This causes stiffness and makes the watch rather uncomfortable.


All Apple Watches have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology built into the phone, but the Series 3 has a cellular option meaning you can use an optional eSIM giving a connection while you’re on the move. The watchOS updated a few weeks after the Series 3 launch fixing the bug that affected its ability to switch from Wi-Fi to cellular.

This update also added a manual setting in the control center lets you toggle through the iPhone’s connection, a Wi-Fi network, and the watch’s cellular connection. Before the update, you could only connect to cellular by putting your phone in airplane mode or by not using Bluetooth at all.


  • Excellent fitness tracking
  •    features
  • Apple music streaming
  • Faster Siri


  • Cellular activation issues
  • Short battery life when
  •    connected to cellular

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The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier could be the best smartwatch of our picks, but its lack of apps takes away from the overall package. The watch is built to take abuse with its face protected by Gorilla glass and is rated to withstand a drop from a maximum of 5 feet. It can withstand submersion for 30 minutes in water up to 5 feet. The watch measures 1.8 x 1.9in and weighs 2.2oz without the band. It uses the Tizen OS and there are two layers to this operating system.


The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch is available for an estimated cost of $170.00.


It’s a fact that smartwatches are built for people with larger wrists and the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is more than 2x heavier than the Apple Watch Series 2. The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier isn’t flashy, but the stainless steel case is nice. The watch has serrations on the bezel, which make it easier to turn. The right side of the Samsung Gear S3  Frontier has two buttons. The top button works as a universal back button and the bottom one returns you to the home screen or app menu.


The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier uses the Tizen OS. It looks like a cross between the Google and Apple operating systems. It works well with both iPhone and Android phones. There are two layers to the Tizen OS. From the home screen, you can swipe right or left to access recently used apps and notifications, create reminders and check weather and health stats.

When the bottom button is pressed, the screen changes to Tizen’s app menu. From here, circular icons are arranged around the display, and only 8 apps are visible per page, but additional pages will show once you install more apps.


The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier has a screen that is bright enough day or night. It has a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels images were crisp and the colors were very vivid. However, setting the display to ‘always on’ take up the battery life. With the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier being heavy it is not good for those with petite wrists.


The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is compatible with both Android and iPhone 5 and higher smartphones. With Android phones, you will need to use Androids OS 4.4 or high with a minimum of 1.5GB of RAM. With iPhones, you will need to use iOS 9.0 and higher.


  • Good voice control
  • Samsung pay
  • Durable design
  • Built-in LTE


  • Lack of apps
  • Heavy

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The Motorola Moto 360 Sport is a smartwatch for sports-minded people. You can track performance with built-in GPS. This smartwatch has accurate monitoring of your heart rate. Not only is it made with exercise in mind, but you can also check email, get traffic alerts, and receive Facebook updates thanks to Android Wear. The Motorola Moto 360 Sport has a nice screen and great sports skills, but battery life isn’t great and its tracking capabilities can’t compete with other fitness wearables.


The Motorola Mota 360 Sport is available for an estimated cost of $200.00.


The design of the Motorola Moto 360 Sport has a chunky rubber strap and the ability to change the strap is a no-go. Motorola did pepper the strap with ventilation holes, but the silicone used isn’t that great. It picks up a lot of dirt causing marks and sweating when it’s put on tight enough for the heart rate sensor to work. The dimensions and screen shape are comparable to its predecessors, but this watch just looks plain.


The Motorola Moto 360 Sport comes with Android fitness apps. Other popular apps that work with this watch are MapMyRun, Under Armour Record, and Strava. The Motorola Moto 360 Sport requires a phone using Android 4.3 or higher or iPhone 5 or higher using iOS 8.2 or higher.

It is okay to wear this watch in the shower, but it’s not meant to be worn while swimming. Motorola states that the watch can withstand immersion up to three feet of water for about 30 minutes, but it is not designed to work while submerged. Moto Body (pre-installed) allows you to track steps, calories, and heart rate.


The Motorola Moto 360 Sport isn’t uncomfortable, but it picks up a lot of dust/dirt making needless marks and sweating on the wrist.


The Motorola Moto 360 Sport uses a Snapdragon 400 quad-core, has 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage giving enough space to have some audio tracks if you want to listen to music while exercising. You will need Bluetooth enabled headphones though. This watch also has wifi allowing you to get notifications even if you’re out of range of your phone.


  • More accurate ‘run’ tracking
  • Screen designed for outdoor
  •    use
  • Price


  • The rubber strap
  • Low battery life


In conclusion, the Ressence Type 5G smartwatch is our winner! It looks sleek with its gray dial and polished titanium finish. The oil technology creates sharp legibility at any angle under water. The night-time readability wasn’t that great and the locking device was difficult to unlock. The difficulty of the locking device though is reassuring for water resistance. This Ressence watch is a winner if you can afford the high price tag.

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