Homemade Submarine Kits: The Top 10 Revealed

nautilus submarine kit - one of the best homemade submarine kits out there

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Model building can be a rewarding hobby that challenges your imagination and patience in ways that building with blocks cannot. When you want to try your hand at model building, homemade submarine kits are a wonderful choice that gives you several options to select from, and these kits come in a variety of materials, like wood, metal, and plastic. Each kit is held together using the medium that best suits it, like glue, nails, or screws. There are many homemade submarine kits on the market, so we have reviewed the best ones out there to give you an idea of where you should look to start or expand your model-building hobby.

Homemade Submarine Kits FAQs

What Are Homemade Submarine Kits?

Homemade submarine kits are model kits that allow you to put a submarine together, all on your own and from the comfort of your home. The scale of the model varies, based on the kit you buy. The details, materials used, and adhesive methods will all also depend on the kit you purchase.

What Does a Homemade Submarine Kit Do?

A homemade submarine kit allows the builder to build their very own submarine model by putting together the contents of the kit and following the instructions.

How Does a Homemade Submarine Kit Work?

To build your submarine model, you will follow the instructions that are included in these kits so you can put your model submarine together correctly.

Where Can You Buy Homemade Submarine Kits?

There are many places where you can buy homemade submarine kits, ncluding online on Amazon and hobby stores, and even in perosn at craft and hobby stores, although the kits you will find in the stores may not offer you many options to select from.

Do You Need Additional Supplies?

Sometimes, the kits will require you to purchase adhesive, like glue or even nails or screws, but most kits will come with that. Other times, you may need special tools to complete your kit. You may also want or need to buy paint, if you buy a kit with a plain model. It all depends on what kit you purchase and how you want the finished product to look.

How We Reviewed

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For this list, we reviewed several different homemade submarine kits. To compare and contrast them, we reviewed the specifications of each kit, size, price, what is included in the kit and what the buyer will need to purchase to complete the model, where to buy, ease of assembly, pros and cons of the kit, quality of the model, and what customers had to say about the kit.

Overall Price Range of This Product (and Similar Products)

Model kits can range in cost from $12 to $200, and the lower cost kits are not necessarily bad kits. The costs of the kits do not always include glue and paint, which can be an additional cost and the range depends on the quality and size of the paint and glue you choose.

What We Reviewed

  • Revell Revell05133 106.3cm “German Submarine Type Ix C/40” Model Kit
  • U-Boat Type XXI Plastic Model Kit Germany Revell
  • 1/72 Gato Class Submarine by Revell-Monogram
  • Revell 05153 – Submarine Class 214 1: 144 Scale Toy
  • LEGO Ideas 21306 Yellow Submarine Building Kit
  • Revell Germany German Submarine Type IXC (U505 Late) Model Kit
  • Pegasus Hobbies 9120 1/144 The Nautilus Submarine
  • Hobby Boss Russian Typhoon Class Submarine Boat Model Building Kit
  • Riich Models USS Los Angeles Class Flight II (VLS) Attack Submarine 1:350 Scale Military Model Kit
  • Tamiya Models Japanese Navy Submarine I-400 Model Kit

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[amazon link=”B00TK114XM” title=”Revell Revell05133 106.3cm “German Submarine Type Ix C/40” Model Kit” /]

[amazon box=”B00TK114XM”]


The Revell German Submarine TYPE IX C/40 model kit contains 183 pieces, made of plastic, and is suitable for children 10 years old and older. When completely assembled, the model weighs around 2.5 pounds and measures close to 42 inches in length. This model construction kit also features the fast diving fittings and snorkel of the actual submarine it is based on. It has small parts that can be fragile, and some users have reported the parts broke during construction. Requires some drilling or cutting parts with tools that are not included.


  • Large size 
  • Clear and realistic parts 
  • Easy to assemble


  • Parts can break easily
  • Requires some drilling and snipping to fit parts

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[amazon link=”B00029D0B0″ title=”U-Boat Type XXI Plastic Model Kit Germany Revell” /]

[amazon box=”B00029D0B0″]


This kit contains plastic pieces, decals, and an instruction booklet, although many users say the booklet is not helpful. The kit does not contain paints, which would need to be bought separately, unless the decals were the preferred look. When finished, this model weighs less than a pound and comes in at 21.8 x 7.6 x 2 inches. The manufacturer claims it can be used by an 8-month-old, but the parts are small, which can pose a choking hazard for small children.


  • Great price 
  • Different ways to finish the model


  • The instruction booklet isn’t helpful
  • Does not include paints to finish the model

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[amazon link=”B014F9M2I4″ title=”1/72 Gato Class Submarine by Revell-Monogram” /]

[amazon box=”B014F9M2I4″]


This kit features a display stand, detailed 4-inch gun, and detailed 20/40mm guns on the sail. It is a high-grade plastic material, and the difficulty level is for moderately skilled builders. When finished, it measures 52 inches in length and weighs almost one pound. It has 273 parts.


  • Detailed 
  • Great size


  • Can take a while to put together
  • Expensive

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[amazon link=”B074M7K4G3″ title=”Revell 05153 – Submarine Class 214 1: 144 Scale Toy” /]

[amazon box=”B074M7K4G3″]


Once assembled, this plastic submarine model weighs less than a pound and measures 17.7 x 8.3 x 2.8 inches. The manufacturer recommends that it be put together by someone 12 years of age and up. The Revel Germany’s 05153 kit includes a choice of submerged or surface versions and 3 sets of decal markings. It does not include paints, but the color is realistic.


  • Options for the completed model
  • Easy assembly


  • No paints included 
  • Small size

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[amazon link=”B01FUFGEHM” title=”LEGO Ideas 21306 Yellow Submarine Building Kit” /]

[amazon box=”B01FUFGEHM”]


When it comes to homemade submarine kits, the Lego version is definitely not a realistic model, but it is fun for all ages! This kit is for a fun yellow submarine and includes 4 mini-figures: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, and the submarine has a removable top, a cockpit that fits all four mini-figures, an adjustable rudder, four rotating periscopes, two rotating propellers and a removable display stand. This kit also includes a booklet about the designer of this set. When completed, it measures over 5 inches high, 9 inches long and 2 inches wide.


  • A unique Lego set that is fun for all ages 
  • Cool, nostalgic design 
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not a realistic kit
  • Expensive for a Lego set

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[amazon link=”B00BECL9L2″ title=”Revell Germany German Submarine Type IXC (U505 Late) Model Kit” /]

[amazon box=”B00BECL9L2″]


This kit has 160 parts made of plastic. The Bow and Stern Torpedo Doors can be placed in the open or closed position and when it is complete, the model weighs almost 4 pounds and measures 41.9 x 3.5 x 5.1 inches. It is recommended for those 15 years and older. This submarine model is highly detailed and features a movable rudder, moving hydroplanes, retractable periscope decals and flags for (2) ships. This model requires a lot of cutting and drilling, and users say that the instructions are hard to follow. Must purchase adhesive separately.


  • Highly-detailed
  • Moveable parts 
  • Great size


  • Does not come with adhesive
  • Hard to read instructions
  • Requires a lot of cutting and drilling

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[amazon link=”B00BWFBU6K” title=”Pegasus Hobbies 9120 1/144 The Nautilus Submarine” /]

[amazon box=”B00BWFBU6K”]


This plastic model kit is a detailed squid base with the Nautilus logo. It is on the smaller side and easy to assemble. It has 83 pieces, includes photoetch parts, and it weighs less than a pound and measures 12.6 x 7.5 x 2.4 inches when it is complete. It has small pieces that are not intended for children under three years of age. It does not come with paint or glue to hold it together.


  • Easy to assemble 
  • Good detail


  • Need to purchase paint 
  • Does not include adhesive

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[amazon link=”B001BHI6NE” title=”Hobby Boss Russian Typhoon Class Submarine Boat Model Building Kit” /]

[amazon box=”B001BHI6NE”]


The completed length for this plastic submarine model is approximately 10 inches, and this kit includes a pre-finished plastic display stand, a color painting guide and decals for the hull markings. It also has the option to leave the model as a surface or submerged submarine. It is easy to assemble, but requires glue that is not included.


  • Easy assemble 
  • Several options available


  • Does not include glue
  • Small size

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[amazon link=”B0073HARYW” title=”Riich Models USS Los Angeles Class Flight II (VLS) Attack Submarine 1:350 Scale Military Model Kit” /]

[amazon box=”B0073HARYW”]


This model is appropriate for ages 14 and up and the kit includes a two-piece underwater hull, secondary propulsion motor, propeller, non-skid parts, a display stand, and includes over 62 parts. The kit also has a color painting guide and decals for the hull. It requires glue. The completed model is approximately 12 inches long.


  • Detailed kit 
  • Easy assemble


  • Does not include glue or paint
  • Small size

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[amazon link=”B000PH7AZ6″ title=”Tamiya Models Japanese Navy Submarine I-400 Model Kit” /]

[amazon box=”B000PH7AZ6″]


This detailed kit is sturdy and made with the highest quality plastic materials. The hangar features realistic details, can store three Seiran aircraft, and can be posed in the opened and closed positions. When completed, it weighs less than a pound and measures 13.7 x 1.3 x 3.2 inches. It is recommended for ages 15 and up. This kit includes photo-etch parts, metal screw shafts, a plastic display base, and decals for the vessel and aircraft. Glue and paint are not included, but needed. The skill level is moderate and the kit is roughly 100 parts.


  • High quality and detailed 
  • Includes many options for posing


  • Does not include glue or paint 
  • Small

Comparison Table





[amazon link=”B00TK114XM” title=”Revell05133″ /]

[amazon fields=”B00TK114XM” value=”thumb” image_align=”center”]

4.8 out of 5 stars

[amazon fields=”B00TK114XM” value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B00029D0B0″ title=”U-Boat Type XXI” /]

[amazon fields=”B00029D0B0″ value=”thumb” image_align=”center”]

4.1 out of 5 stars

[amazon fields=”B00029D0B0″ value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B014F9M2I4″ title=”1/72 Gato Class Submarine” /]

[amazon fields=”B014F9M2I4″ value=”thumb” image_align=”center”]

5.0 out of 5 stars

[amazon fields=”B014F9M2I4″ value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B074M7K4G3″ title=”Revell 05153″ /]

[amazon fields=”B074M7K4G3″ value=”thumb” image_align=”center”]

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[amazon fields=”B074M7K4G3″ value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B01FUFGEHM” title=”LEGO Ideas 21306″ /]

[amazon fields=”B01FUFGEHM” value=”thumb” image_align=”center”]

4.9 out of 5 stars

[amazon fields=”B01FUFGEHM” value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B00BECL9L2″ title=”Type IXC (U505 Late)” /]

[amazon fields=”B00BECL9L2″ value=”thumb” image_align=”center”]

4.4 out of 5 stars

[amazon fields=”B00BECL9L2″ value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B00BWFBU6K” title=”Pegasus Hobbies 9120″ /]

[amazon fields=”B00BWFBU6K” value=”thumb” image_align=”center”]

4.9 out of 5 stars

[amazon fields=”B00BWFBU6K” value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B001BHI6NE” title=”Russian Typhoon Class Submarine” /]

[amazon fields=”B001BHI6NE” value=”thumb” image_align=”center”]

4.4 out of 5 stars

[amazon fields=”B001BHI6NE” value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B0073HARYW” title=”Los Angeles Class Flight II (VLS) Attack Submarine” /]

[amazon fields=”B0073HARYW” value=”thumb” image_align=”center”]

4.0 out of 5 stars

[amazon fields=”B0073HARYW” value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B000PH7AZ6″ title=”Japanese Navy Submarine I-400″ /]

[amazon fields=”B000PH7AZ6″ value=”thumb” image_align=”center”]

3.8 out of 5 stars

[amazon fields=”B000PH7AZ6″ value=”button”]

The Verdict

Homemade submarine kits range in price, detail, size, and quality, but even the lowest quality kits get high ratings. These kits are fun and made for people of all skill levels and in all income levels. Almost all the kits we reviewed require that you buy the glue and paint needed to put the model together and finish it, but they all come with instructions and most come with decals to make the kit look better and more lifelike when you are done assembling it. If you don’t have much skill with models, you can choose a beginner kit- and there are even Legos sets for those who want to go that route! Submarine model kits are a fun and easy hobby that people of all skill levels can enjoy, although there are times when the instructions included are not easy to read and can be hard to follow. For some, the small parts that some kits have, or having to cut and drill the parts to make them fit, can be problematic, but there are kits on the market that do not require additional cutting and drilling.Overall- homemade submarine kits are a hobby that many people can enjoy.

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