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titan black wetsuit

Titan Black Wetsuit Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Whether you are taking a dive or surfing the waves, a wetsuit is one of the most important pieces of gear you can buy....
person holding a mobile phone with waterproof phone case

Best 10 Waterproof Phone Cases

Many phones these days have waterproofing built in, but it's not always the strongest feature. The brand new iPhone XR, for example,...
Mares Flexa wetsuit

An In-depth Look To The MARES FLEXA Wetsuit

If you haven’t been a scuba enthusiast for long, you may not have your own wetsuit. That’s a mistake. Rented wetsuits can be uncomfortable,...
casio diving watch for scuba diving

Best 5 Casio Dive Watch

Image source: Unsplash With all of the equipment to consider while diving, it's easy to get caught up in the big items like wetsuits and...
monofin use in free diving by a woman

Review: Monofin

Image source: UnsplashThis article provides a review of monofins. We will discuss what that is, the various uses people make of these products, including...