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Element is a company that has been deeply ingrained in skateboarding culture for nearly three decades and one that has taken the path less traveled when it comes to the general ethos of a clothing/skate company. Their unique focus on both the urban and natural is what sets Element clothing apart from other brands.

While it’s not uncommon these days for companies to preach sustainability and environmental awareness, it’s generally a ‘jump on the bandwagon so we look like we actually care’ kind of facade. Element has been embracing the beauty of nature and encouraging an appreciation and respect for the outdoors since day one. In other words, they mean it.

About Element

Element is a skate brand that produces both clothing and skateboarding gear. Their products are well-made and beautifully designed with great attention to detail while managing to be both durable and timelessly fashionable.

The Art Life

Element clothing has always had a fervent focus on art, so the fact that they have released photography books comes as no surprise.


Like any skateboarding company, they have pros who ride for the team, and Element’s current team and alumni are right up there. Ray Barbee, Mark Appleyard, Nyjah Huston, Brandon Westgate, Chad Tim Tim, and Nick Garcia are among their current lineup, and such hard hitters such as Chad Muska, Bam Margera, Kris Markovich, Natas Kaupas, and Mike Vallely have all skated for the company in the past. Element is definitely a company that has a great respect for the history of skateboarding and the people who made it.

A Brief History of Element Clothing

Element Skateboards was founded in 1992 by Johnny Schillereff, an avid skateboarder since the age of four. After the brand’s inception, East Coast native, Schillereff moved out west to California where Element blossomed into the movement it is today.

Element Collections: Men's

Element clothing has a wide range of men’s clothing and accessories.


The men's collection includes pants, jeans, tees, shirts, hoodies, shorts, and sweaters.


The accessories offered for men include belts, wallets, hats, beanies, and socks.

Element Collections: Women's

Element clothing’s women’s range is not short of stunning. In the brand’s typical all-encompassing fashion, the products are designed for both aesthetics and practicality.


Women's clothing at Element include dresses, tops, tees, tanks, shorts, and jeans.


Women's accessories include hats, beanies, bags, backpacks, and scarves.

Element Collections: Boy’s

Element clothing have a boy’s collection that will have adults somewhat green-eyed. Their shirts feature timeless graphics, exceptionally well-cut jeans, and shoes that are perfect for skating. Their shorts are pretty snazzy too.

Element Collections: Camp Collection

Element clothing’s Camp Collection is the perfect embodiment of the brand. The collection’s backpacks are perfect for both skate missions and day hikes. The backpacks are durable, holding up against the elements. Whether it’s concrete or soil, these bags are designed to take what you throw at them. Many feature outer straps to attach your board, which makes taking the bus or riding a motorcycle to the local park much easier. The backpacks are also extremely well-priced.

Element Collections: Skate

As you could expect, Element also boasts an impressive range of skateboards and related accessories. Decks, wheels, grip, hardware, and bearings are all sold by Element. They even make an adjustable flat bar and round rails.

Where and What to Buy

Element has an extremely wide range of products, from art books to skateboards, socks and backpacks, to jeans and dresses. Here, we’re going to take a look at some of the best of them, all available on Element clothing’s website.


Braid Short Sleeve Tee

The Braid Short Sleeve Tee is absolutely timeless. It comes in two colors (brick red and laurel wreath), and its graphics feature an eagle above a piece of braided rope. One can be yours for $22.

Buffalo Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt

Plaid shirts never go out of style. And this is one you’re going to wear till it wears out. Even then you’ll probably end up stealing it back from out of the dog kennel. The Buffalo Flannel comes in two colors (eclipse navy and stone grey). They sell for $55 each.

Melting Crew Neck Sweatshirt

For $55 the Melting Crew Neck is a steal. It’s warm, comfortable, and comes in two colors: flint black and charcoal heather.

Murray Corduroy Jacket

Element clothing’s Murray Corduroy Jacket is perfect for autumn and winter. Whether you're out skating or taking a walk along the river, it will keep you warm while outdoors and in impeccable style. You can snatch one up for $120.

Sawyer Pants

A classic pair of pants, the Sawyer is made with Element Flex fabric and comes in three colors. They sell for $40 a pair.

Keep Discovering Trucker

This is one badass trucker hat. It features a mesh back with tactical patch logo. They are priced at $22.


Tryin’ Sweater Dress

The Tryin’ Sweater Dress is utterly gorgeous. It’s sophisticated while managing to stay relaxed. Don’t sleep on this sweater dress. You can get one for about $70.

​Daytime Sweater

This wine-colored oversized fleece sweater is worth every penny of the approximately $50 you’ll be paying for it. It’s really something.

​Saturday Skinny Fit Jeans

These jet black jeans would have been right at home on the legs of an 80s rock star. They fit perfectly and also come in cloud wash. They are priced at $65 each.

​Adele Romper

This woven romper is as cool as heaven and as hot as hell. And as of this writing, the price is around $50.

​Tomorrow Infinity Scarf

A cute and classy cable knit infinity scarf sells for $25. It comes in black and ivory and features a metal logo plate.


Glasgow Long Sleeve Shirt

This boy’s indigo plaid shirt is smart and stylish. It’s priced at about $40.

Pinion Tee

This rad tee by Element clothing features a timeless logo on the front and is both stylish and smart. It sells for $18.

EO1 Slim Fit Jeans

These stretch denim jeans are perfect for the hyperactive lifestyle that boys lead. They sell for $50.

Topaz C3 Shoes

A classic skate shoe available in black/white and navy/white, they will keep your kid shredding for months. Pick up a pair for $50.

Camp Collection

Beyond Backpack

A simple backpack that is durable and comfortable, the Beyond works well for school, skating, hiking, or just going over to a friend’s house. It comes in multiple colors and is priced at $35.

Mohave Backpack

The Mohave Backpack is perfect for the skateboarder who is on the go. It has a 30-liter capacity, features front skate straps and a handy front pocket for your glasses, wallet, or candy bars. It comes in multiple colors and is priced at around $60.

Timber Waterproof Rolltop Backpack

This is a serious backpack. It’s completely waterproof, has a 55-liter capacity, an adjustable sternum strap, and a neoprene shoulder strap harness. It's perfect for those camping out, dealing with snow, or living in the Pacific Northwest. One can be yours for about $100.


Nick Garcia Polaroid

This pro model deck features photography by Nick Garcia. It’s unique and beautiful. It comes in 7.8 and 8.2 and is priced at $55.

​Evan Smith Profile

Featuring amazing artwork by Aesthetic Apparatus, this pro model comes in 8.5 and 8.1 and costs $55.

​Greyson Fletcher Bark At The Moon

There are killer graphics on this one by FOS. It comes in 8 and 8.5 and is priced at $55.

​Polaroid Grip Tape Pack

In a blaze of innovation and inspiration, Element has released a grip tape pack which definitely isn’t run of the mill. The pack includes 2 pieces of both black and clear grip and a series of 18 Polaroid prints, letting you customize your set-up and giving you something pretty to look at while you pop tricks. Snatch one up for only $11.


These 52mm wheels will keep you rolling for only $30. They are sold as a set of four.


Perfect for the teenager who is just starting out, this 8.0 complete set-up is only $90 and features a kick-ass roaring polar bear logo.

​Gloves Off (Twigs)

This complete is from Element’s kid’s Twigs line. The graphics feature a boxing squirrel, and the deck is 7.6. They are priced at $90.


Over the years, Element clothing has held true to itself in a constantly changing world. An all-encompassing love for art, nature, skateboarding, and people is something that you can’t beat. It’s something that holds its own, despite current, past, or future trends. It’s safe to say that Element Skateboards is going to be around for a long time to come.

Whether you’re looking for a backpack to take on a hike, a new deck to replace a snapped one, or just a new pair of jeans, Element clothing has something for everyone who is interested in both skateboarding and the elements.

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