Deja Blue Freediving Event: Our Comprehensive Guide

Freediving in the ocean at Deja Blue

Freediving is a challenging and thrilling pastime. Divers head under water with no breathing apparatus for extended periods of time. The sport requires dedication and training from its practitioners, but offers a myriad of rewards. Performance Freediving International invites divers of all certified levels to Deja Blue at Grand Cayman.In addition to world class training and education, PFI offers divers an experience of a lifetime at this annual event. Reach your personal best, compete against new friends, and learn more about diving and ocean conservation at Deja Blue.The warm blue waters around Grand Cayman are ready to be explored and PFI will make sure that you can push your limits in a safe and supportive environment.

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What Is Deja Blue?

Deja Blue is an annual freediving event hosted at Grand Cayman by Performance Freediving International. The event is broken into two sessions, a two-week training event and a third week of competition events.

In 2019, this event will be hosted from April 21 to May 13. Divers are welcome to join the event for one week, two weeks, or all three weeks and competition is completely optional.

At Deja Blue, each week there will be 5 depth, unlimited static sessions, and 2 dynamic apnea sessions.

Divers are welcome to run the third week of the event exactly the same as they did during the two-week training camp, without worry of being impacted by competition. At any time during the third week, divers can choose to throw their hat in the ring and get competitive, no pressure! Many athletes join PFI at Grand Cayman Deja Blue with the sole intent of growing their own skills and hitting their own personal bests.

Above all, Deja Blue is about learning and having fun. PFI's team is there to assist divers with skill building, course setting, safety protocols, and shuttling to and from accommodations. The event is about enjoying the sport, stress free, while having a great time.

Depth Sessions

Static Sessions

Dynamic Apnea Sessions 

Competition Week

About Performance Free Diving International

Performance Freediving International, or PFI, was founded in 2000 with the mission of offering the best, most innovative scientific and training information available to divers.

Founded by Kirk Krack, PFI has worked with over 10,000 people to increase diving safety awareness and diving skill. The client pool has included movie stars, U.S. Special Forces, and people just like you.

Additionally, PFI has alliances with DAN (Divers Alert Network) and NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) and has been instrumental in helping those organizations build knowledge and skills for improved diving and response operations.

A Safe Diver Is a Good Diver

Deja Blue Safety Protocols

Breathing and Surfacing

PFI Events and Courses

Why You Should Go

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Divers are encouraged to attend Deja Blue for one important reason- it's fun! Beyond that, the Deja Blue training camp allows for personal growth and an introspective journey inward. The PFI diving community is full of hundreds of talented athletes who challenge themselves to be better every day. These athletes have a connection with the water and an understanding with the breath. Just like you, divers from around the world come to Deja Blue to seek a better dive experience.

Prizes and Activities

At the end of competition week, winning athletes will receive prizes gifted to PFI from this year's sponsors. After all, it's not a competition without a reward.

  • 1st Place Men's and Women's winners will receive a Paralenz camera and WaterLust gift certificate
  • 2nd Place Men's and Women's winners will receive a Custom Oceaner/Yamamoto wet suit and OMER Computer
  • 3rd Place Men's and Women's  winners will receive a Stock Oceaner/Yamamoto wet suit and OMER Carbon Fins

In addition to the adult training camp activities and competition, there are kids events and staff support for young divers. Even spectators have a blast at Deja Blue. Join PFI at Deja Blue Grand Cayman from April 21 to May 13. You will be amazed at what you can achieve!


By now, you should be excited to join the fun at Deja Blue this year. There are so many reasons to continue on the journey of freediving; the connection to the ocean, your connection to yourself, new found friends, and stronger, healthier lives. At Deja Blue, PFI will be honored to assist you on your freediving quest, whatever you skill level and goals may be. From family friendly events to world class accommodation, Deja Blue has it all.

Grand Cayman is a fantastic place to host such and event with its warm, clear waters. Meet athletes from all over the world in this picturesque setting and head over to the various daily events aimed at improving your freediving skills. Whether you can stop in for just one week or all three, the experience of Deja Blue is incomparable. With the best trainers, safety protocols and service, your only job at Deja Blue is to show up and focus on your diving.

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