Travel Guide: Blue Hole Belize

Scuba diving in deep blue hole belize

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There are only a handful of diving spots around the world that can truly be considered legendary. The Blue Hole Belize is one such location, drawing divers from all around the planet to that small Central American country to experience its natural majesty. You have likely encountered pictures of Belize's photogenic Great Blue Hole before, but we're going to give you in-depth details about what the Blue Hole actually is, and what makes it such a sought-after spot for diving fanatics.

What Is The Blue Hole?

In this article, we'll begin with background information on the Blue Hole Belize, and then we'll proceed to offer you what need to know if you choose to book it as your next diving destination.

The Basics

Worldwide Recognition

What Natural Forces Made The Blue Hole Belize?


The creation of the Blue Hole Belize began over 150,000 years ago years ago during several ice ages. After this phenomenon began its geological life as a cave above sea level, thousands of years of earthquakes and climate changes led to the collapse of the cave's roof. This pushed it downward and resulted in its current submarine elevation.

As a result of these changes over the eons, the Blue Hole Belize is adorned with grand stalactites (which point downward), stalagmites (pointing up), and columns (when the two meet). Some of the stalagmites hang at an unusual 12-degree angle, indicating to geologists that the cave was rocked by an earthquake.

The Contemporary Climate

These thousands of years of changes have miraculously shaped the Blue Hole of Belize into a diver's dream. Here are a few things to know about the contemporary makeup of the hole:

  • As a result of its origins, most of the marine life is concentrated around the hole's outer rim.
  • Conditions inside the hole are limited by the amount of sunlight blocked by the walls
  •  There isn't much marine life inside the hole, and at certain depths, there isn't even enough oxygen to sustain life
  • Intricate calcium formations give the Blue Hole Belize its distinct appeal and make it worth diving

Ultimate Guide To Diving The Blue Hole

When To Go

Getting There

Launching From Caye Caulker

Launching From Ambergris Caye

The Dive Itself

Bonus Dives


A geological marvel thousands of years in the making, the Blue Hole Belize is a truly one-of-a-kind diving destination. For the relatively inexpensive price of around $300, you can dive the Blue Hole along with Half Moon Caye and Long Caye Aquarium, making for a trip that's sure to be memorable. Airfares to Belize in the dry season are generally affordable, so there's no better time than now to prepare for your next dive vacation. Whether you're a casual snorkeler or a hardcore diver, the Big Hole of Belize is one of the wonders of the diving world and well worth a trip.


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