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Best 8 Dive Computers

dive computer
Studio shooting models wth equipment, oxygen cylinders and Diver Propulsion Vehicle. Isolated on white.

Whether you are deep-water diving off the coast of Thailand or diving in the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, diving is a sport marked by adventure, beauty and just a little risk. It makes sense, too. Part of the thrill is seeing foreign, alien worlds that exist just under the surface of the water. These places have hardly been explored by people outside of the diving community, so every glimpse of this underwater world is like a snapshot of a faraway kingdom. Of course, seeing this beauty can be a risky endeavor, but the whole point of buying diving gear is to make your diving adventures more exciting and safer. Having one tool in particular at your disposal can change the diving game more than any other: your dive computer.

Choosing a dive computer can be difficult, however. Dive computers are complex, nuanced and detailed pieces of machinery to the point that even the most experienced divers need assistance when choosing and often perform massive amounts of research. Lucky for you, we’ve done most of that work for you. Here’s a brief cheat sheet detailing what to look for in a potential dive computer as well as the some of the top brands available.

Product FAQs

What Is a Dive Computer?

diver wearing dive computer

This isn’t the kind of computer you use at work, although it may be just as complicated. Dive computers are devices that scuba divers take on their dives either in the form of a small waterproof computer or more frequently in the form of a dive watch. These computers keep track of your dive to ensure you know where you are and stay safe at all times.

What Does a Dive Computer Do?

diving underwater school of fish

The submarine world is unlike the above-ground one. It’s fairly easy to become completely disoriented. Diving computers change all this by keeping track of your dive, logging your depth, direction, speed and other features. Additionally, dive computers are the easiest and most important way to prevent you from rising too quickly and getting decompression sickness.

Where Can You Buy Dive Computers?

diver holding nose underwater

Dive computers are available at nearly any scuba diving store, as well as hundreds of potential online options. Buying online may be the most convenient as you get a host of reviews and writeups to read for research but never have to leave your house to order your new dive computer.

How We Reviewed Diving Computers

diver taking a photo underwater

To determine the top diving computers, we did a ton of research. We scoured the internet, reading customer reviews, consumer reports and information on various diving technologies in order to figure out in vivid detail the best diving computers for different divers. Plus, we also perused different diving computer websites and brand histories. That way we could calculate other metrics that may not be associated with the diving aspect of the computers such as shipping prices, availability or price ranges.

Overall Dive Computer Price Range

Dive computers can run the gamut in terms of prices. The lowest and most common prices tend to be in the $300-$450 range. At the more expensive end of the spectrum, dive computers can get as high as $1,000-$1,500. These more expensive ones often have more advanced statistics and complex abilities, giving you more advanced diving experience. At the same time these advanced abilities may be too complex and nuanced for a beginning diver. If you’re just getting into diving, a cheaper option might be more ideal.

Top 8 Dive Computers

Oceanic GEO 2.0 Computer, Slate Blue
  • Powered by Oceanic's Exclusive Dual Algorithm - Your choice between Pelagic DSAT (Spencer/Powell data basis) or Pelagic...
  • 4 Operating Modes: WATCH (Alternate Time, Chrono, Daily Alarm, Countdown Timer), NORM (Air and Nitrox), GAUGE (with run...
  • User-Friendly Interface with "Step Back" – allows forward and backward navigation through menus and settings - Switch...

One of the best-quality dive computers on the market today, the Geo 2.0 is a sleek and futuristic beast of a machine. The Geo 2.0 offers up to four separate operating modes for easy customization, all the way from an idealized interface to a form-fitting, adjustable band. The screen interface is extremely intuitive and user-friendly for easy underwater navigation no matter how deep you might be. Plus, you’re able to track the number of dives you take, their temperatures and the total dive hours you’ve completed.


  • Easy menu navigation
  • Ideal for scuba and free diving


  • Hard-to-read display screen in low light

Where To Buy

Purchase the Ocean Geo 2.0 on Simply Scuba (for EU residents), Leisurepro (for Americans and Canadians) or Amazon (for everyone) where it qualifies for free two-day shipping with Prime.

Perfect For

Both entry-level and experienced divers.

SUUNTO Zoop Novo Wrist Scuba Diving Computer, Black, Without USB
  • Operating modes: air, nitrox, gauge and freedom modes
  • Programmable for 21% to 50% oxygen mixtures
  • Imperial or metric programmable, decompression stop data, audible alarms

The Suunto Zoop is the most popular dive computer on the market for a reason: It’s extremely safe. It’s a great computer for any scuba diver but especially for beginners who are looking for a secure and reliable option, one with room to grow with them as they advance in their diving abilities. It tracks your descent and ascent, preventing you from going too quickly with programmable alerts. Plus, Zoop Novo’s buttons are also plenty large so that you’re able to use the dive computer with gloves on.


  • Can be used on either a modular console or the wrist
  • Great value regarding price and performance
  • Large display screen for easy underwater reading


  • Large, bulky build can be bothersome on land
  • Integrating with a PC requires purchasing separate equipment

Where To Buy

You can purchase the Zoop NOVO on Simply Scuba, Leisurepro or Amazon.

Perfect For

Entry-level divers.

Cressi Leonardo, White/Lilac
  • A single button Dive Computer makes it effortless to set Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes. Ideal for beginners in Scuba...
  • FO2 adjustable between 21% and 50%. PO2 adjustable between 1.2 bar and 1.6 bar. CNS oxygen toxicity graphic...
  • User-selectable deep stop function. Adjustable unit of measure: imperial or metric. Battery life indicator. User...

This dive computer may be the best budget computer on this list as well as a contender for best beginner dive computer. Instead of the three-button interface of some other watches, the Leonardo uses a single button interface, making it easier than ever to program. The screen itself is densely compact but with high enough definition to see it easily underwater. With its relatively small size, the Cressi Leonardo also makes for the perfect traveling computer.


  • Low price and reset ability make it a simple rental or borrow
  • Battery-save mode
  • High-definition screen


  • Extended wristband length
  • Large and bulky build

Where To Buy

Purchase the Cressi Leonardo from Leisurepro for US and Canada shipping, Simply Scuba for shipping in the EU and Amazon for shipping worldwide.

Perfect For

Entry-level divers.

Shearwater Research Perdix Dive Computer
  • High Resolution, easy-to-read display. 2.2" display with vivid, enhanced color range and saturation.
  • Thin, Low-profile Design. 30% smaller in volume than the Petrel
  • Two Button Interface. Simple to navigate, state-aware menu structure

This dive computer is complex, nuanced and truly a brilliant technological feat – one of the best dive computers in the game. While its bulky size isn’t ideal outside of the water, there’s no issue once you’re under the waves. It has a large screen that displays full color and can connect with iOS devices via Bluetooth. With rebreather functions and fully customizable dive programming, it’s hard to beat the Perdix. Plus, it has unanimously perfect reviews online.


  • Full decompression diving information given
  • Mountable on both wrists
  • Rebreather adaptability


    Where To Buy

    You can purchase the Shearwater Perdix on Amazon where it qualifies for free two-day shipping through Prime.

    Perfect For

    Advanced and technical divers.

    Mares Puck Pro Wrist Computer
    • Mares Puck Pro Wrist Computer
    • Mares Puck Pro Wrist Computer:
    • Super Intuitive, Easy-to-Use, and Full-Featured Computer

    This Mares diving computer is a gem to behold. It’s one of the best dive computers available with a huge 2.5-inch screen for easy reading. At .75 pounds it has a fairly lightweight composition, saving you plenty of space for heavier equipment like oxygen tanks. The Puck Pro works great for all levels of diving, and with an extremely comfortable strap you’ll be able to wear it for hours.


    • Dive logbook can store up to 35 hours of dive information
    • Maximum depth of 150 meters
    • Improved display readability


    • Short strap

    Where To Buy

    You can purchase the Mares Puck Pro from Amazon and take advantage of Prime’s two-day free shipping.

    Perfect For

    All levels of divers.

    Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer, Black/Yellow
    • Easily Identifiable Yellow & Black Color
    • First Mixed Gas Dive Computer Designed-and-Built Entirely by Cressi 3-Button Interface: Effortless to Program Air,...
    • High-Definition Screen

    No matter where you want to go, the Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer can get you there. With an easily navigable screen that displays depths of up to 120 meters, you’ve got an entire world awaiting your explorations. The Giotto operates on a three-button system with a wide, easily readable 2.6-inch screen as well as standard-issue dive computer indicators and alarms. You’re able to log up to 60 dives or 70 hours of statistics in the Giotto, too, which means you can compare statistics on your various dives simply and quickly.


    • Easy to reset which makes it perfect for renting or diving classes
    • Simple navigation menus and configuration
    • User-friendly display system


    • Big wrist strap
    • Difficult to find battery
    • Complex dive programming

    Where To Buy

    You can purchase the Cressi Giotto on Amazon, where it qualifies for free two-day shipping.

    Perfect For

    Renting or diving classes.

    The Mares Smart is a great option for both beginners and advanced divers mostly because of the ease with which you can upgrade its software. No longer do you have to worry about updating your diving computer every year as the firmware on the Mares Smart can be upgraded quickly and easily. For a fully customizable dive experience, you can turn on or off its alarm system when you’re diving.


    • Excellent ergonomic design
    • Crisp, clear display
    • User-friendly gas switching capabilities
    • Slimmer than the Mares Puck Pro


    • Quiet watch alarm
    • Sleep feature can be faulty

    Where To Buy

    You can purchase the Mares Smart Wrist on Amazon, and by doing so you’ll qualify for two-day free shipping through Amazon Prime.

    Perfect For

    Beginner to advanced divers.

    Suunto Eon Steel Computer
    • Designed for advanced/technical diving
    • Optional wireless air integration
    • Air/nitrox/trimix support

    This highly advanced computer system is complex but easy to use. Its large screen displays a number of brightly colored graphs and models, giving you a detailed description of your dive as it’s going on. At the same time, you have three buttons with which you can operate the computer. The buttons have enough space between them to make the computer convenient even when wearing large gloves.


    • Simple and intuitive menu
    • Up to 10 tanks wirelessly with Suunto Tank POD accessory
    • Easily customizable data screen
    • Compass tilts 45 degrees for easy viewing


    • Expensive

    Where To Buy

    For Americans and Canadians Leisurepro is the best option for shipping, while EU residents may want to order their EON from Simply Scuba. Of course, you can always use Amazon for shipping worldwide.

    Perfect For

    Advanced divers.



    User-Replaceable Battery


    Average Review

    Oceanic Geo 2.0

    Air, Nitrox



    Suunto Zoop Novo​

    Air, Nitrox



    Cressi Leonardo

    Air, Nitrox



    Shearwater Perdix

    Air, Nitrox, Trimix



    Mares Puck Pro

    Air, Nitrox



    Cressi Giotto

    Air, Nitrox



    Mares Smart Wrist

    Air, Nitrox



    Suunto EON

    Air, Nitrox, Trimix, up to 10 switchable gases

    No, but battery is rechargeable


    The Verdict

    Determining the best of any product can be a difficult endeavor and is highly subjective for all parties involved. That being said, our research indicates that the best overall-quality dive computer listed here is the Shearwater Perdix. While a tad expensive, it’s not the highest price on the list. Although it’s made for advanced and technical divers, our extensive research indicates universal 5-star reviews and not a single con. With such an advanced piece of machinery you can truly make every dive a special experience tailored perfectly to your own needs. Although new divers may want to look elsewhere, advanced divers may find the Perdix is an especially fun toy. Of course, as always, figuring out your own diving preferences is paramount in any purchase you make. A dive computer fit for your own desires is always going to the best option for you.

    Atomic Aquatics T3 Regulator Review: Why It’s The Best Scuba Regulator

    Atomic Aquatics T3
    Underwater landscape with small fishes and diver. Borneo

    If you are a scuba enthusiast, you know how important equipment is to the overall success of your dive. Without the right gear, you simply can’t have a safe, dynamic experience under the waves. Since scuba gear usually lasts a long time when properly maintained, investing in high-quality equipment is a good idea.

    With so many scuba regulators on the market today, finding the right one can be challenging. We are here to help. In this review, we take an in-depth look at the Atomic Aquatics T3 regulator. Continue reading for comprehensive information about this impressive piece of scuba equipment.

    What Is a Scuba Regulator?

    When you dive, a scuba regulator provides you with air. To carry oxygen with you beneath the surface, you must bring a tank. As you probably know, the air in the tank is stored at a high pressure. Breathing pressurized air is extremely difficult. A scuba regulator lowers air pressure to allow you to breathe it naturally. It also helps to disperse the carbon dioxide you exhale during dives.

    If you plan to stay underwater a significant amount of time, you must think about air supply. Since tanks are pressurized, oxygen supply depletes rapidly if you don’t control airflow. As its name suggests, a regulator regulates airflow. Not only do they make breathing underwater comfortable, but they also help conserve air.

    Scuba regulators have the following components:

    First-stage regulator

    Second-stage regulator

    Alternative regulator


    Scuba regulators come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and materials. They also sell at many different price points. When you are looking for the right diving regulator for your scuba adventure, you must think about your diving style. Once you know where you plan to dive, how much air you need, what type of air you want to breathe and a few other things, you can begin to look for the best scuba regulator to help you stay safe and comfortable during your dive.

    What Is the Atomic Aquatics T3 Regulator?

    Atomic Aquatics T3 Regulator banner


    The Atomic Aquatics T2 is one of the most popular diving regulators ever made. The T3 is an upgraded version of that model. As far as construction and technical specifications go, there is no more advanced regulator than the T3 on the market today.

    The major selling point of the Atomic Aquatics T3 regulator is its titanium construction. The first stage is entirely made of titanium, while many of the components in the second stage are also titanium. The regulator is appropriate for either cold or warm-water dives.

    The T3 is not cheap. Still, it is lightweight and durable. It is also low-maintenance. In fact, after purchasing this regulator, you don’t have to worry about servicing it until after you’ve completed 300 dives. If you can’t complete than many in three years, you should have your T3 serviced then.

    Atomic Aquatics T3 Specifications

    diver underwater using atomic aquatics t3

    The technical specifications of the Atomic Aquatics T3 are remarkable.

    • First and second-stage weight: 794g (1.75 lbs.)
    • First-stage weight: 430g (.95 lbs.)
    • Second-stage plus hose weight: 358g (.79 lbs.)
    • Type: Balanced, flow-through piston
    • Intermediate pressure: 125 to 145 psi (8.6 to 10 bar)
    • Maximum-pressure rating: 3,500 psi (241 bar) with yoke connection; 4,350 psi (300 bar) with DIN connection
    • Materials: Titanium, Monel, fluorocarbon/nitrile
    • Standard hose length: 32-inch swivel

    The first thing any diver is likely to notice about the Atomic Aquatics T3 regulator is its lightweight construction. At just 794g, the regulator is one of the lightest on the market. This isn’t by accident. The designers of the T3 used titanium to make most parts of the regulator. In fact, all parts of the first-stage regulator are made from titanium. Many of the second-stage regulator components are also lightweight corrosion-resistant titanium. It isn’t only the metal that makes the T3 such a light piece of equipment, though. The designers cut as much bulk from the device as possible. For example, the regulator’s thumb-wheel has notches cut out of it to help save a few grams.

    The T3 has a maximum-pressure rating of 3,500 psi with a hole connection. If you use a DIN connection, the regulator is capable of accommodating air pressure up to 4,350 psi. The balanced-piston design makes breathing underwater easy. Moreover, the first-stage regulator is environmentally sealed. This helps saltwater and other contaminants from damaging the inner workings of this exceptional piece of equipment. Additionally, the oxygen-sensitive grease used on the first-stage regulator makes the device compatible with nitrous oxide out of the box.

    The sleek, elegant design of the T3 makes agile diving possible. The regulator stays out of your way when you are underwater. Likewise, the 32-inch swivel hose keeps all of your equipment in the right place, regardless of diving conditions.

    Versatility is excellent with the Atomic Aquatics T3 regulator. The first stage has two high-pressure ports on both sides. A swivel cap includes five low-pressure ports as well. While the fifth low-pressure cap works most effectively, all deliver adequate performance.

    The second-stage regulator is even lighter than the first. This regulator relies on a balanced-valve system to facilitate natural breathing underwater. The second-stage swivel helps reduce pull for a comfortable dive. Perhaps the best feature of the second-stage regulator, however, is its seat-saving orifice. This capability separates the orifice and seat when the regulator isn’t pressurized, extending the life of the second-stage regulator.

    While the second-stage regulator does not usually require detuning, it has a quick-turn knob that makes the process simple and accurate. Likewise, you don’t need a Venturi switch with this second-stage regulator, as it has an automatic flow control. As you descend or ascend, the automatic flow control directs air to different parts of the system. You don’t have to do anything except concentrate on your dive.

    Finally, the T3 has an impressive mouthpiece that is made from dual silicone and fits comfortably inside your mouth. The hard-density silicone reduces bite marks and extends the life of the mouthpiece. Softer silicone prevents chafing and sores from forming in your mouth.

    Atomic Aquatics T3 Pricing

    As noted above, the Atomic Aquatics T3 is not cheap. Given the regulator’s titanium construction, exceptional performance and overall design, we don’t expect it to be. If you want to buy the T3, expect to pay around $1,800. This price is significantly more expensive than many other regulators on the market today. Still, with the innovative design and lightweight construction, this regulator is worth the expense.

    Huish Outdoors Atomic T3 Titanium Regulator
    • Nitrox ready for mixtures up to 40%
    • All titanium diving regulator
    • Dependable system makes it good for travel

    How the Atomic Aquatics T3 Compares to Other Diving Regulators

    To fully understand the Atomic Aquatics T3, you must compare it to some other regulators on the market. In this section, we compare the T3 to another regulator from Atomic Aquatics. We also compare it to regulators from Sherwood and SCUBAPRO.

    Atomic Aquatics ST1 Stainless Steel Regulator
    • First stage of type 316 stainless steel that is twice the strength of brass with durability and corrosion resistance...
    • High performance breathing: Low inhalation efforts even at deep depths and high breathing rates with natural and...
    • Exclusive, patented Atomic Aquatics "Comfort Swivel" second stage hose. The only second stage swivel of its type that...

    The Atomic Aquatics ST1 is an affordable regulator from Atomic Aquatics. While the T3 is mostly composed of titanium, the ST1 primarily has a stainless-steel construction for the first-stage regulator. The second-stage regulator is titanium, like the T3. While a bit heavier than the T3, the ST1 is still lightweight. The ST1 works well for deep dives in either warm- or cold-water environments. While the ST1 is definitely not as good as the T3, it is an excellent scuba regulator.

    Ease of Use: 5/5

    Assembly Time: 5/5

    Build Quality: 4/5

    Warranty: 5/5

    Sherwood Scuba SR2 Regulator
    • Superior breathing performance.
    • One touch performance adjustment knob.
    • Pneumatically balanced second stage.

    If you don’t want to spend a fortune on your next diving regulator, you may want to look into products from Sherwood. The company’s SR2 regulator is customizable. As such, you can hook up hoses in many different configurations. The closed-valve system on the Sherwood SR2 is an excellent choice for divers who venture into murky or contaminated water. Still, this affordable regulator does not compare to the high-quality construction of the Atomic Aquatics T3. On the contrary, it is both heavier and flimsier than the T3.

    Assembly Time: 4/5

    Build Quality: 3.5/5

    Warranty: 3​​​​.5/5

    SCUBAPRO MK25 A700 Regulator

    • Excellent regulator system
    • The stainless-steel construction is durable.
    • The air delivery system provides a consistent supply of breathable air.


    Outside of Atomic Aquatics products, the closest you get to a high-quality regulator is the SCUBAPRO MK25 A700. While it is expensive and made from a heavier material than the Atomic Aquatics T3, the SCUBAPRO MK25 A700 is an excellent regulator system. The stainless-steel construction is durable. Moreover, the air delivery system provides a consistent supply of breathable air. You can also customize the SCUBAPRO MK25 A700.

    Assembly Time: 4/5

    Build Quality: 5/5

    Warranty: 5/5

    While SCUBAPRO and Sherwood make some good scuba regulators, neither company produces a higher-quality breathing apparatus than Atomic Aquatics. Both the ST1 and T3 impress us. When comparing those two, however, the T3 is clearly better.

    Atomic Aquatics T3 Pros and Con


    • Construction
    • Design
    • Usability
    • Maintenance


    • Price

    The Verdict: The Atomic Aquatics T3 Regulator Is the Best of the Best

    We have reviewed several regulators in our time. While we usually find features we love about each piece of equipment, no regulator is as complete as the Atomic Aquatics T3. This titanium-made regulator system is durable, strong, sleek and effective.

    With its many features, the T3 is not cheap. We don’t mind though, as with this regulator, you get what you pay for. Specifically, if you choose to purchase the top-end Atomic Aquatics regulator, you get peace of mind that you will always be able to breathe comfortably underwater. You also get the pride of knowing you have purchased the best scuba gear possible. If you plan to dive for years, investing in top-notch equipment is an excellent idea.

    Overall, we can’t say enough good things about the Atomic Aquatics T3 regulator. Whether you are looking at the first-stage regulator, the second-stage regulator, the mouthpiece or the hoses with this system, you see quality everywhere. If you are like us, you probably won’t be able to find a single thing wrong with the T3.

    Simply, the Atomic Aquatics T3 regulator is the best of the best.

    8 Best SeaLife Cameras: Your Top Choice For Underwater Photography

    sealife camera

    The ocean is arguably one of the most paradisiacal settings for photography. You can capture glinting schools of fish, sea turtles gliding peacefully through the water, or dolphins dancing around one another. Get a shot of a diver next to a whale for an awe-inspiring size comparison, or perhaps focus on illuminating the beauty of a chaotically colored coral reef teeming with life. Whatever your fancy, you’re certain to encounter many opportunities for enchanting shots underwater.

    But before you head off to spy kelp forests in Monterey Bay or hammerheads in the Bahamas, you should consider the type of camera you’re planning to use. There are a wide variety of cameras suitable for underwater photography, but SeaLife offers some of the finest models, with deluxe features that will enable you to capture calendar-worthy shots.

    Product FAQs

    Why buy a SeaLife camera?

    underwater photographer

    SeaLife is a company with 25 years of innovation and diving passion under its belt. Their cameras can be used above water but are designed to perform optimally underwater, making them the perfect option for divers, snorkelers and ocean enthusiasts aspiring to catalogue their adventures. SeaLife also offers an array of related products, including dive lights, cases, wrist straps, and moisture prevention capsules to keep electronics safe.

    Beyond SeaLife’s solid reputation and deep immersion in the dive community, their cameras are built primarily for underwater photography. This type of specialization makes their products trustworthy and effective. For instance, their Micro 2.0 is completely leak proof, requiring only a rinse after adventures for maintenance, illustrating the ease and water compatibility of SeaLife’s designs.

    It’s also important to recognize the value of preserving your underwater memories. The world beneath the waves is a strange and beautiful one, and moments spent looking below while diving, snorkeling, or swimming are fleeting at best. Do yourself a favor and buy a camera that will do your memories justice.

    Where can you buy one?

    underwater dive

    SeaLife cameras can be purchased at a number of scuba retailers. They provide a useful Dealer Locator function on their website to locate a shop near you. Customers can also easily purchase cameras and accessories through SeaLife’s online store.

    How We Reviewed

    We took an in-depth look at SeaLife’s cameras and camera sets, noting details like shooting modes, durability and depth rating. We also factored in affordability and included accessories to make this comprehensive list of the best SeaLife has to offer.

    Overall Price Range

    Current models are reasonably priced, considering their high degree of specialization and general quality. SeaLife cameras run from $499 for a more compact, simple model to $1,399 for an incredibly versatile set. However, remember to factor in additional expenses like shipping, warranties and optional accessories.

    Top 8 SeaLife Cameras and Camera Sets




    With advanced features such as RAW image capture, multiple underwater modes, and a depth rating of 200 feet/60 meters with housing, the DC2000 is a powerful tool for underwater photography. The DC2000 has been favored by prominent underwater photographers, such as Tobias Friedrich, to capture colorful scenes and fantastic wildlife.

    The auto focus feature enables you to get the clearest photo possible by using sensors to detect contrast, and it can even focus to infinity, meaning that you can keep a wide expanse of ocean clear in your shot. RAW image capture enhances this clarity by effectively processing all levels of brightness to create a smooth picture. Another perk of this camera is its ease of use; “piano key” controls make it simple to navigate underneath the waves.

    The DC2000 is not only your go-to for underwater photography but it also proves a solid choice for land shots as well, with 25 land scene modes to compliment the four underwater modes.

    The DC2000 provides ample space with a 64GB SD card, and its dive, snorkel, external light, and flash modes make it perfectly suited to serious divers and hobbyist snorkelers alike. Get breathtaking stills of underwater wildlife or utilize the full HD video to preserve a moment like no other.

    Micro 2.0 32GB

    Micro 2.0 32GB


    The Micro 2.0 32GB is a close second to the DC2000. It’s a compact camera with an excellent combination of features for underwater photography.

    The Micro 2.0 32GB shares many of the same characteristics as the DC2000, including dive, snorkel and external light modes, the same easy-to-use “piano key” controls, and full HD video capabilities. It’s also slightly more adventure-ready than the DC2000 because it doesn’t need any housing to achieve its 200 feet/60 meters depth rating. It has a 16 MP Sony sensor and is capable of upside-down shooting. The Micro 2.0 32GB is largely favored for its compact size and rubber armor; these characteristics make it ideal for beginners because it is lightweight and easy to clean.

    SeaLife Micro 2.0 32GB Wi-Fi Underwater Digital Camera with 10x Close...
    • KIT INCLUDES 2 PRODUCTS -- All BRAND NEW Items with all Manufacturer-supplied Accessories and Full USA Warranties:
    • SeaLife Micro 2.0 32GB Wi-Fi Underwater Digital Camera
    • SeaLife SL570 Close Up Lens

    Micro 2.0 64GB

    Micro 2.0 64GB


    The Micro 2.0 64GB is essentially identical to the Micro 2.0 32GB. It has a larger storage capacity and therefore commands a higher price but shares all the same wonderful features as the Micro 2.0 32GB, like three underwater shooting modes and a 16 MP Sony sensor. Another awesome feature of the Micro 2.0 models is that they’re easy to clean: no housing means no fuss. You can simply rinse it off and set it aside for your next dive.

    If you want to be certain that your camera will be able to store all your underwater memories but still prefer a lightweight camera, then the Micro 2.0 64GB is for you.

    SeaLife Micro 2.0 WiFi 32GB (Camera w/Internal Memory 64GB)
    • Built-in 130-degree fisheye lens -- Large piano key controls
    • Sony 16MP CMOS Image Sensor -- Full 1080p HD video
    • 64GB internal memory -- Built-in Wi-Fi

    DC2000 Pro 2500 Set

    DC2000 Pro 2500 Set


    Carry the sun with you for the best shots with the DC2000 Pro 2500 Set, which includes the Sea Dragon 2500 Light. The Sea Dragon 2500 Light is designed to imitate natural sunlight to bring out colors and definition in underwater photos, with its star features being its three levels of brightness and a fantastic score of 90 on the Color Rendering Index. Coral reefs and colorful fish will stand out in your photos with the help of this light.

    This set attaches the light with a Flex-Connect, a lighting arm that is adjustable, customizable, and easy to put on and remove.

    You can purchase the Sea Dragon 2500 Light separately, but this set saves you a few bucks while also providing the same high level of quality.

    SeaLife DC2000 HD Underwater Digital Camera with Sea Dragon 2500 LED...
    • Includes DC2000 underwater housing, DC2000 inner camera, Sea Dragon 2500 Light Head (SL6712), Flex-Connect Grip...
    • 4 underwater shooting modes with built-in color correction (dive, snorkel, external light, and external flash)
    • 25 Land Scene modes for various shooting environments

    DC2000 Pro Flash Set

    DC2000 Pro Flash Set


    The DC2000 Pro Flash Set is another fabulous choice if you’re craving photos exploding with color. The included Sea Dragon Flash provides bright, adjustable light to illuminate creatures you encounter on night dives or in dark waters.

    This set attaches the Sea Dragon Flash with a handy Flex-Connect arm, so that you can customize your lighting options if you want to go beyond the flash. SeaLife offers several flash and strobe lights available for purchase separately, but as with the DC2000 Pro 2500 Set, this set will give you more bang for your buck than adding a light after obtaining your camera.

    DC2000 Pro Duo Set

    DC2000 Pro Duo Set


    If you thought the DC2000 Pro 2500 or Flash sets were the stuff of dreams, wait until you learn about the DC2000 Pro Duo Set: the consummate combination of SeaLife’s specialized technology, the DC2000 Pro Duo Set includes both the Sea Dragon Flash and the Sea Dragon 2300 Auto Light, both attached via a Flex-Connect arm. The latter has several beneficial characteristics, such as Auto Flash Detect and Auto Bright Mode, which work together to capture stills with minimal backscatter and optimal lighting on the photo’s subject.

    Don’t forget that this camera is also stellar when it comes to photography above water. Housing and lightning aside, the DC2000’s 25 land scene modes ensure that you’ll capture landscapes in just the way you want.

    This set fetches a higher price than any other camera on this list, but the included lighting undoubtedly makes it worthwhile. Whether you’re a professional filming wildlife or a vacationer capturing memories, the DC2000 Pro Duo Set is sure to cover all your bases.

    Sealife DC2000 Pro Duo (w/Sea Dragon Flash and 2300 Auto Light)
    • Includes DC2000 underwater housing, DC2000 inner camera, Sea Dragon Flash Head (SL9630), Sea Dragon 2300 Auto Light Head...
    • 4 underwater shooting modes with built-in color correction (dive, snorkel, external light, and external flash)
    • 25 Land Scene modes for various shooting environments

    Micro 2.0 1500 Set

    Micro 2.0 1500 Set


    This delightfully low-maintenance set builds on the genius of the Micro 2.0 by adding the Sea Dragon 1500 Light, which is attached via a Flex-Connect Micro Tray and Arm. The Micro 2.0 is a durable and easy-to-clean camera, and the Sea Dragon 1500 Light helps make colors pop and gives you more room to exercise artistic preference for lighting than the camera does alone.

    Perfect illumination and three underwater shooting modes make this camera a savvy choice for any buyer.

    SeaLife Micro 2.0 Pro 1500 Set, Includes 32GB Underwater Wi-Fi Digital...
    • Fully sealed and flood-proof down to 200ft/60m.
    • No O-rings or doors to maintain the Micro 2.0 camera comes fully equipped with powerful 3+ hour internal rechargeable...
    • features a 16MP SONY CMOS image sensor.

    Micro 2.0 2500 Set

    Micro 2.0 2500 Set


    A similar set to the Micro 2.0 1500, this set is equipped with the Sea Dragon 2500 Light, which a slightly more sophisticated light. As the name implies, the Sea Dragon 2500 boasts a 2500-lumen LED light while the Sea Dragon 1500 caps off at 1500 lumens. However, they both have three brightness levels and the same 120-degree wide beam angles. For this reason, the Micro 2.0 2500 Set is probably a better choice for more advanced photographers with refined camera taste, as it’s about a hundred dollars more than the Micro 2.0 1500 Set.

    As with the other sets, the Micro 2.0 2500 is equipped with a Flex-Connect Micro Tray and Arm, which is easy to remove if you don’t want the added weight or if you want to try out a different light.

    SeaLife Micro 2.0 Pro 2500 Set, Includes 64GB Underwater Wi-Fi Camera,...
    • 16MP SONY CMOS image sensor providing stunningly vibrant stills as well as sharp full HD videos with 1080p HD @ 60...
    • The 130° wide angle fisheye lens allows you to get close and fit everything into the scene. Color correction filters...
    • The camera’s lens focuses as close as one foot (12 inches/30cm), that distance can be cut in half with an optional...




    • Size/weight: 24.4 ounces/691 grams (with housing)
    • Depth rating: 200 feet/60 meters (with housing)
    • Underwater modes: External Light, Flash, Snorkel, Dive
    • Memory: 64GB

    Price: $699

    • Size/weight: 10.1 ounces/285 grams
    • Depth rating: 200 feet/60 meters
    • Underwater modes: External Light, Snorkel, Dive
    • Memory: 32GB

    Price: $499

    • Size/weight: 10.1 ounces/285 grams
    • Depth rating: 200 feet/60 meters
    • Underwater modes: External Light, Snorkel, Dive
    • Memory: 64GB

    Price: $549

    • Size/weight: 37.3 ounces/1,056 grams (with housing)
    • Depth rating: 200 feet/60 meters (with housing)
    • Underwater modes: External Light, Flash, Snorkel, Dive
    • Memory: 64GB

    Price: $999

    • Size/weight: 42.4 ounces/1,200 grams (with housing)
    • Depth rating: 200 feet/60 meters (with housing)
    • Underwater modes: External Light, Flash, Snorkel, Dive
    • Memory: 64GB

    Price: $999

    • Size/weight: 65.4 ounces/1,852 grams (with housing)
    • Depth rating: 200 feet/60 meters (with housing)
    • Underwater modes: External Light, Flash, Snorkel, Dive
    • Memory: 64GB

    Price: $1,399

    • Size/weight: 23.2 ounces/650 grams
    • Depth rating: 200 feet/60 meters
    • Underwater modes: External Light, Snorkel, Dive
    • Memory: 32GB

    Price: $789

    • Size/weight: 23.2 ounces/650 grams
    • Depth rating: 200 feet/60 meters
    • Underwater modes: External Light, Snorkel, Dive
    • Memory: 64GB

    Price: $899

    Selecting the Best SeaLife Camera for You

    SeaLife offers a variety of incredible equipment for underwater filming and photography, but selecting the best camera or camera set for you is contingent upon your personal goals. If you’re a professional looking to build up a portfolio, photograph a particular species, or showcase a specific destination, perhaps the DC2000 Pro Duo 2500 Set would be ideal for you. This set has two different lighting options, and the camera itself is a reliable and specialized tool, making it perfect for those with serious ambition. However, this set is more expensive than any of the others, so if you’re wallet-conscious, this isn’t the choice for you.

    If you’re thinking that you’d like to elevate your underwater experiences to a form of art, but wouldn’t exactly call yourself a professional, consider the DC2000. It’s an all-around good choice that allows for considerable creative freedom and is less costly than a set.

    If you’re simply an ocean lover who wants to capture some memories, we recommend starting off with the Micro 2.0 32GB, Micro 2.0 64GB, or one of the Micro 2.0 sets. These cameras are low-maintenance, do not require housing like the DC2000, and are more compact, making them easier to use for novice photographers. While they may lack some of the more sophisticated features that the DC2000 has, they’re still reliable, considerably advanced models. The Micro 2.0’s low price also makes it suitable for non-committal beginners.

    Whatever your path is in the stunning underwater world, be sure to check out SeaLife’s selection to help you attain your goals.

    Brand Buying Guide: Atomic Aquatics For Your Scuba Adventure

    atomic aquatics

    To get the most out of your scuba adventure, you need the right gear. When you are in the market for a regulator, fins, wetsuit or other pieces of equipment, you can choose from dozens of manufacturers. As you may suspect, not every brand is worthy of your time or money. How do you know the difference between a stellar manufacturer and an inferior one?

    That’s where we come in. In this brand buying guide, we take an in-depth look at one of the most popular manufacturers of scuba equipment, Atomic Aquatics. Continue reading for answers to some common questions about this well-known brand.

    What Is Atomic Aquatics?

    Atomic Aquatics is a manufacturer of scuba gear. The company was founded in 1995 in Huntington Beach, California. While the company has a broad reputation for making some of the best diving regulators on the market, it also produces scuba fins and masks. Additionally, Atomic Aquatics has a line of snorkels. The company is currently owned by Huish Outdoors. The acquisition occurred in 2011.

    What Products Does Atomic Aquatics Make?

    Atomic Aquatics scuba masks


    As mentioned, Atomic Aquatics makes dive regulators, scuba masks, underwater fins and snorkels. Ancillary equipment includes safe seconds, knives, dive computers and BCs. Of course, Atomic Aquatics made its name with its titanium regulator. The latest model, the T3 is a lightweight, durable and versatile dive regulator. The company’s swim fins and snorkels have a solid reputation for quality, performance and endurance. Moreover, the dive computers and knives from Atomic Aquatics offer innovative features sure to delight both novice and experienced divers.

    What Makes Atomic Aquatics Different From Other Manufacturers?

    scuba diver underwater

    With all the products Atomic Aquatics makes, the company follows a recipe for success. Designers at Atomic Aquatics begin by understanding what divers need to have dynamic dives. Then, they determine which materials and technology they need to create optimal equipment. Often, designers choose to use light-weight metals and space-age technologies to produce the best equipment possible. Relying on both sketches and advanced computer programs, designers envision and fashion products that routinely wins awards.

    Atomic Aquatics made waves when it introduced its titanium dive regulator. At the time, no other manufacturer was using the innovative material. It is no surprise, however, that many manufacturers chose to integrate titanium into their regulators after seeing the success of the Atomic Aquatics titanium regulator. What often separates Atomic Aquatics from other equipment manufacturers is attention to detail. When selecting the right material for its gear, Atomic Aquatics designers don’t worry about cost or feasibility. Instead, they determine what material is best. As you may guess, often officials at the company must rethink and redesign manufacturing processes to accommodate modern materials.

    There is no surprise that Atomic Aquatics often integrates titanium into its scuba gear. Simply put, titanium is the best material available for seawater environments. While other types of materials generally degrade in harsh underwater environments, titanium holds up incredibly well. The result is equipment that needs less maintenance. Titanium gear also lasts longer.

    Of course, titanium isn’t appropriate for all types of scuba gear. After all, who wants metal swim fins? When designers at the company set out to create swim fins, masks and other products, they apply the same careful process of choosing materials. As such, when you buy non-regulator gear from Atomic Aquatics, you know it is made only of high-quality resilient materials.

    What Is Special About the Titanium T3 Regulator From Atomic Aquatics?

    Titanium T3 Regulator


    The Atomic Aquatics T3 dive regulator is perhaps the best regulator on the market. The device features a maximum-pressure rating of 3,500 psi with a yoke connection and up to 4,350 psi with a DIN. Like all Atomics Aquatics regulators, the T3 has a balanced-piston design that makes breathing underwater easy.  In fact, the company prides itself on creating devices that mimic a diver’s natural breathing patterns.

    The first-stage regulator resists corrosion and damage with its environmental seal. When you use the T3, you don’t have to worry about saltwater, sand or other contaminants damaging the inner workings of the high-quality diving regulator. Also, the oxygen-sensitive grease used on the device makes it compatible with nitrous oxide without additional customization.

    The second-stage T3 regulator is even lighter than the first, which is one of the lightest first-stage regulators available for purchase today. The second-stage has an innovative swivel that helps reduce pull. It also keeps hoses out of your way when you are underwater. Still, likely the best feature of the second-stage T3 regulator is the seat-saving orifice. This design separates two integral parts of the regulator when it isn’t pressurized. The result is a second-stage regulator that has a long life and doesn’t require frequent maintenance or calibration.

    All in all, there really isn’t much bad to say about the T3 regulator. The design, materials, construction and longevity of the regulator are all top-notch. As you may suspect, though, the T3 is not cheap. At roughly $1,800, the regulator is a serious monetary investment. It is worth the price, though, as you will likely enjoy using this regulator for years.

    Does Atomic Aquatics Have a Warranty Policy?

    quality guarantee mark

    It is hard to dispute that Atomic Aquatics makes some high-quality products. That is apparent when you learn about the company’s warranty policy.  Standing behind everything it makes, Atomic Aquatics offers some impressive guarantees. How much protection you get depends on the products you buy.

    An Atomic Aquatics regulator comes with a limited, two-year warranty. This protects you from defects due to materials or manufacturing. Most regulators have 300-dive service intervals, allowing you to dive freely without having to worry about lugging your equipment into the maintenance shop after every dive.

    If you choose to buy an Atomic Aquatics mask, you benefit from a lifetime warranty against breakage. This is impressive, as most mask makers offer only a limited one or two-year guarantee. When you take advantage of the lifetime warranty, you know you won’t have to replace your mask every couple of years. Instead, you invest in future dives by purchasing your high-quality mask with confidence.

    Finally, most of the company’s fins and snorkels come with a limited one-year warranty. If you purchase a dive computer, knife, BC or something else with an Atomic Aquatics label, you can probably bet on having warranty protection. For specific information, you should check the company’s website.

    If you need to file a warranty claim, the process is both simple and effective. An online form is easy to complete. Since Atomic Aquatics has excellent customer service, you can expect timely responses to your questions. You can also expect fast resolution of your warranty claims. If you prefer to go through an authorized retailer to enforce your product’s warranty, the process is equally efficient.

    Where Can You Buy Atomic Aquatics Gear?

    Atomic Aquatics Gear snorkel

    Currently, you cannot purchase Atomic Aquatics equipment directly from the company. Instead, you must buy your new regulator or other gear from a third-party vendor. There is a good chance your local dive center or scuba shop sells a complete line of Atomic Aquatics products. If you prefer to shop online, you may want to visit a conglomerate site, such as scuba.com, or you may look for equipment on Amazon.

    If you choose to buy from an independent seller, you must be certain you are purchasing from a reliable one. Because there are counterfeit products on the market, you want to work only with vendors you trust. Likewise, you need to occasionally service Atomic Aquatics gear. If you purchase yours from an authorized retailer, you can likely revisit the shop for regular maintenance appointments. To find an authorized Atomic Aquatics seller, check out the list on the company’s website.

    How Much Does Atomic Aquatics Gear Cost?

    bills and coins

    As we noted, the iconic T3 regulator from Atomic Aquatics costs around $1,800. That makes it one of the most expensive scuba regulators on the market today. Since you are paying for quality, we don’t think you are apt to mind.

    Other gear from Atomic Aquatics is competitively priced. While you won’t ever think of products from the firm as budget-friendly, you likely won’t find them to be unfairly priced. In fact, most Atomic Aquatics fins, masks, snorkels and other items cost about the same as gear from other well-regarded brands.

    Atomic T3 Scuba Diving Regulator 1ST and 2ND Stage Environmentally...
    • First stage components are precision-machined from solid bar Titanium that is lightweight and corrosion-free.
    • Second Stage: Patented Atomic “Seat Saving” Orifice (Titanium)
    • Patented Atomic Automatic Flow Control (AFC)

    The Verdict: You Can’t Go Wrong With Gear From Atomic Aquatics

    Our goal is to provide you with honest, reliable and usable information. While we don’t like to be overly impressed by any gear manufacturer, Atomic Aquatics wows us. The company spends a significant amount of time developing its products. The advantage to serious divers is clear. If you are willing to invest in equipment from Atomic Aquatics, you are likely to notice some significant improvements in your underwater experience.

    While products from Atomic Aquatics are not cheap, they are worth the investment. After all, most gear is designed to last years with little or no maintenance. If you end up having a problem with something you purchased from the company, you will benefit from competent customer support and a decent warranty program. In our opinion, you simply can’t go wrong with scuba gear from Atomic Aquatics.

    Go Pro Hero 3 Review: A Great Diving Camera

    go pro hero 3

    If you’re looking for an affordable, effective way to capture photos and videos during your dives, the Go Pro Hero 3 is a solid choice. This underwater camera retails for a reasonable price and has all the features you need in a basic underwater camera.

    We put this review together to give you an idea of what you’re getting when you buy a Go Pro Hero 3. This includes how the camera performs in general, how it performs underwater, and how it compares to similar cameras on the market. By the end of this review, you’ll know if a Go Pro Hero 3 is the diving camera you need.

    What Is a Diving Camera?

    Diving cameras are cameras that are designed for use underwater. The most important part of this is obviously the IP rating, which tells you how much water and dust ingress a camera can handle. Ideally, you want a camera that can handle the deepest depths you’re able to dive, that way you never have to worry about your camera not working when you dive too deep.

    However, a good waterproof rating isn’t the only thing you need to look for in a diving camera. Because you’re going to use this camera for capturing photos and videos underwater, you’ll need a camera that does well in low light and has the right kind of lens. Even if you could take your regular old digital camera underwater without it breaking, chances are it would have trouble capturing quality photos in that type of environment.

    Regardless of what kind of camera you buy, investing in a good red filter will help improve the quality of your photos significantly.

    What Is the Go Pro Hero 3?

    Go Pro Hero 3

    Go Pro’s line of Hero cameras began all the way back in 2005 with the release of the 35mm Go Pro Hero. Nearly a decade later in October 2013, the Go Pro Hero 3 was released. The Hero 3 was marketed as a smaller, lighter and more portable version of previous cameras with more features built in, such as WiFi. However, it also marked the first time in years that Go Pro Hero cameras had changed their physical dimensions, making it an important step in Go Pro’s innovation.

    The Go Pro Hero 3 is a waterproof camera with relatively high power for its price and size. Since this camera is designed for capturing action shots during dives, hikes and other outdoor adventures, it’s easy to pack around and designed to withstand a lot of abuse.

    This camera comes in a few different versions: White Edition, Silver Edition and Black Edition. The White Edition Hero 3 is the consumer-grade edition, featuring a 5 MP camera and fewer features. The Silver is considered “prosumer grade” and is made for high-end consumers, while the Black is the professional-grade model for people who need the most power.

    Go Pro Hero 3 Specifications

    Go Pro Hero 3 white edition

    Although there are multiple versions of the Go Pro Hero 3, we’ll be talking about the standard White Edition for the purposes of this review. Not only is the White Edition the cheapest of all the Go Pro Hero 3 cameras, but it’s also the most widely available to this day. You might have trouble finding a brand-new Black or Silver Edition Hero 3 camera, but websites like Amazon still sell the Go Pro Hero 3 brand new for a reasonable price. As far as what you’ll get from upgrading to the Black or Silver Edition, the main improvement will be in the MP of the camera, which allows you to record higher-resolution video at a higher framerate.

    Camera Quality

    go pro camera on hand

    The Go Pro Hero 3 isn’t the best in terms of pure camera quality, but that’s because its main focus is durability and versatility. The White Edition Hero 3 has a 5 MP camera that allows you to capture solid photos, but not much better than a phone can capture. You can record video in 1080p at 30 fps, 960p at 48 fps, and 720p at 60 fps. Keep in mind that the more demanding video you’re capturing, the quicker you can expect your battery to die.

    Lithium Battery

    Lithium Battery

    A battery is a hugely important feature when you’re talking about a diving camera. You need your camera battery to last long enough that you aren’t constantly making trips back home to charge up again. The 1050 mAh lithium-ion battery in the Hero 3 isn’t the greatest, but you do have the option of buying additional batteries so you can swap them out as needed. And since there are tons of different manufacturers making Hero 3-compatible batteries, you can find them priced pretty economically online.

    Physical Size

    go pro hero 3 remotely controlled

    When you’re taking a camera with you on a dive, you need it to be light and small enough that you don’t mind carrying it around. The Go Pro Hero 3 fits this requirement more than perhaps anything else, weighing just 2.6 ounces – just a tad more than one-eighth of a pound. With the lens (but without the protective casing), the Go Pro Hero 3 measures just 41mm x 59mm x 30mm. This is truly one of the smallest, lightest cameras you can find on the market, especially when you consider its price and what you can do with it.

    Sound System

    go pro camera on the road

    Even though this is a camera, the sound is still hugely important because of the environment in which you’re capturing photos and videos. Go Pro is known for its great wind reduction technology in its cameras, and the Go Pro Hero 3 White Edition is no exception. Aside from that, Go Pro redesigned the capturing system of the Hero 3 to make sure it provides sound as stunning as the video.

    Durable Design

    go pro shot underwater

    In terms of durability, the Go Pro Hero 3 is near the top of the list for cameras. This small but mighty action camera is designed to be waterproof up to 131 feet without the included casing and nearly 200 feet with the casing. It’s also designed to be shockproof, so you don’t have to worry about dropping your camera from a few feet or knocking it against things.

    Ease of Use

    go pro morning view

    The Go Pro Hero 3 is simple to use no matter how experienced you are. The camera charges via a USB cable that plugs into a wall charger much like your phone. When you want to connect your Hero 3 to your computer to view and transfer your photos and videos, simply connect the USB cable to the computer instead of the wall charger. When you combine this easy usability with all the other useful features of the Go Pro Hero 3, you get a great entry-level diving camera.

    Go Pro Hero 3 Pricing


    Pricing for the Go Pro Hero 3 depends on which model you opt for and where you buy your camera. Because the Go Pro Hero 3 is an older model, you might have a tough time finding the Black and Silver Editions. The White Edition of the camera is available from numerous retailers for about $200. However, the Silver and Black Editions are considerably harder to find new. Currently, you can buy the Black Edition Hero 3 on Amazon for $199.95. The Silver Edition, on the other hand, is only available used or refurbished but can be purchased for as low as $137.69 as a certified refurbish.

    Regarding how this pricing compares to similar cameras from other brands, the Hero 3 is a bit more expensive than your average camera but also a bit more capable. Sure, you can buy a waterproof action camera for fairly cheap from a brand you’ve never heard of, but you won’t get the great sound and image quality that Go Pro is known for.

    GoPro HERO3: White Edition - 131'/ 40m Waterproof Housing
    • Professional quality video capture in 1080p 30fps, 960p 30 fpts, 720p 60 fps, and WVGA 60 fps
    • Built in Wi-Fi compatible with the GoPro app for Smartphones/Tablets; as well as the Wi-Fi remote (available seperatly)
    • Compatible with LCD Touch BacPac, and 2nd generation Battery Bacpac, as well as backward compatible with all older...

    How the Go Pro Hero 3 Compares

    Considering the features of the Go Pro Hero 3, you’ll have a hard time finding a better entry-level choice – especially for the price of about $200. However, there are numerous other brands making similar types of cameras, so it’s definitely worth comparing some of your other options with the Go Pro Hero 3 to make sure it’s truly the best camera for you.

    Here’s how the Go Pro Hero 3 White Edition stacks up to some of the fiercest diving camera competition.

    Panasonic LUMIX LX100 4K Point and Shoot Camera, 3.1X LEICA DC...
    • Legendary LUMIX LX Series with manual controls Designed to Inspire Creativity
    • Superior light capture with large, multi aspect micro four thirds sensor
    • Fast f1 7 2. 8, 24 75 millimeter, Leica DC zoom lens, for producing shallow depth of field (DOF) and out of focused,...

    The Panasonic Lumix LX100 is a quality 4k dive camera that gives you everything you need to capture high-quality photos and videos underwater. However, it’s going to cost a lot more than the Hero 3.

    Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera w/ 16-50mm and 55-210mm...
    • Amazing quality in half the size & weight of conventional DSLRs, World's fastest auto focus6 at 0.06 seconds and 179 AF...
    • Capture life in high resolution and in low light with 24MP APS-C sensor and 2 lenses provide the tools you'll need to...
    • What you see is what you get with built-in OLED viewfinder, Easy and intuitive controls help you shoot like a pro,...

    Despite being a little bit larger and bulkier than some of the other cameras on this list, the Sony Alpha a6000 is still fairly easy to travel with, and its quality is great.

    Canon PowerShot S120 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom...
    • Built-in Wi-Fi technology allows you to wirelessly transfer your images to social networking sites through CANON iMAGE...
    • Upload virtually anywhere on your iOS or Android device with free download of the Canon Camera Window app
    • Capture beautiful 1080p full HD video in stereo sound with a dedicated movie button, zoom while shooting and play back...

    Although this camera gives you Canon power in a relatively affordable and lightweight package, you will have to buy accessories to make it work as a diving camera.

    This is another popular option when it comes to diving cameras, but the Sony RX100 III will also require the purchase of extra waterproof accessories.

    Sony RX100 III 20.1 MP Premium Compact Digital Camera w/1-inch Sensor...
    • 209 MP 1"-type Exmor R CMOS sensor ; Optical zoom:2.9x (Optical Zoom during movie recording)
    • Operating temperature:32-104°F / 0-40°C.24-70mm equivalent F/18-28 lens
    • Continuous shooting up to 10 FPS

    Go Pro Hero 3 Pros and Cons


    • Solid entry-level diving camera
    • Waterproofing up to 131 ft. for deep dives
    • Shockproof to protect from drops
    • Solid camera for its age
    • Various video capture options for different quality/power usage
    • Everything is ready to go right out of the box


    • Battery life is a bit less than optimal
    • 5 MP photos aren’t great
    • There are many newer Go Pro cameras available

    The Verdict: A Great Out-of-the-Box Diving Camera

    If you’re looking for a diving camera that you can buy, charge, and start using, the Go Pro Hero 3 is a good choice. You won’t have to equip this camera with any additional waterproof accessories for it to work – although there is a waterproof case included. The only real downside to this camera is its short battery life, although that’s easily fixed by purchasing a few extra batteries and keeping them all charged.

    All in all, the Go Pro Hero 3 is a great diving camera for beginners who don’t want to spend a fortune, despite better cameras being available for around $600. For right around $200, you can get a durable camera that can take high-quality photos and videos at depths of nearly 200 ft. underwater, and you really can’t ask for much more than that.