Brand Buying Guide: Airbuddy – Everything You Need to Know

woman in the boat wearing a scuba diving gear

For years, diving has not typically been like other outdoor sports; you can't just pack up the gear and go. You can take your tents and camping gear and go camping; you can take your bike out of the shed and go bike riding around the neighborhood; you can even grab your waterboard and hit the waves, Alas, can you just pick up your scuba gear and go scuba diving? Absolutely not.

In order to be able to scuba dive, you do a lot of preparation, get the right gear, and make sure you know how to use it. The scuba tank must be loaded with air at approximately "210 bar pressure," which is about one hundred times higher than the pressure in your car tires. To even fill up scuba tanks usually entails huge and costly compressor units and needs to be done by a qualified engineer.  

The Dive Center

Fun Fact

What Is the AirBuddy?

Dive with the Same Ease As Snorkeling

Diving & Being Spontaneous?

How It Works

Airbuddy Simplicity

Increased Safety When Diving

Key Features

Integrated Air Reservoir

Detachable Magnetic Switch

12V Water-Cooled Compressor

High Capacity LiFePO4 Battery


girl in an orange swimsuit under the sea

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Diving is a great hobby that is not accessible to many people, not only because of location, but also due to the time and money demands that are mandatory to get the right scuba diving gear. The AirBuddy is unprecedented in the way it's connecting the gap connecting snorkeling and scuba diving. While scuba diving equipment is still literally unreplaceable during extreme or deep dives, the AirBuddy is ideal for a hassle-free, shallow water experience for even the most novice of marine life explorers.

Featured Image by Olga Ozik from Pixabay


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